"This is indeed a dark day for all of us left. But I thank you for risking your own life to help us. Here, take this. It'll tell you all you need to know. As the newest member of the castle, I bid you welcome!"
―Battlehorn Man-At-Arms[src]

Battlehorn Man-At-Arms are soldiers who fight to defend the Battlehorn Castle from four Marauders: one warlord, one battlemage, one archer and one fighter. The Hero can assist the men at arms and, if successful, receive the castle itself. They wear leveled heavy armor and are melee fighters.

After the fight, the surviving men-at-arms will stay patrolling the castle, both inside and out.


  • Any casualties may be looted and the survivors will not object. Their bodies, looted or not, will disappear in a few game days.


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