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Class creation battlemage
"Able to resolve most conflicts with either spell or sword. They are a deadly mix of scholar and soldier."
―Oblivion in-game description[src]

Battlemages focus on combat using both magic (spell), blunt and blade weapons. Battlemages are a deadly mix of scholar and soldier, and are trained to utilize offensive spells during combat. In such situations, battlemages have few equals. These adventurers prefer to be on the offense and dispatch a target quickly rather than waiting on their opponent to make a mistake. They are also capable alchemists that use potions and poisons to help give them that extra edge in battle.

The Battlemage is a premade class with the following stats:



Favored attributesEdit

Major skillsEdit

Description and useEdit

Battlemages are highly useful for players who don't like long, drawn out fights. Using their skill in Blade, Blunt and Destruction magics they quickly dispatch any opposition, while alchemy helps to make strong potions to heal them or augment their abilities, or help with making powerful poisons to further shorten previously troublesome battles. Conjuration allows them to summon powerful allies to cause even more damage to opponents, and to serve as protection in combat. Lacking armor or shield skills, a Battlemage will need to use summoned creatures to divert enemy attention away from themselves. By summoning creatures it gives the battle mage a chance to swing around and approach from the rear.

Using magic rather than bows for ranged damage makes buying and carrying countless arrows unnecessary and frees more room for carrying other equipment. One drawback is that having both blunt and blade skills for melee seems like overkill, making a similar class using one or the other allows you to tag a more useful skill like light armor rather than the extra melee skill.


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