"Yeah! I'm Bazur gro-Gharz. I got protection from the Orum Gang. So don't mess with me. Or they'll fillet you real good."
―Bazur gro-Gharz[src]

Bazur gro Gharz quote

Bazur gro-Gharz is an Orc that lives in Cheydinhal. Upon first initiating conversation with him, he will mention that he is under protection from the Orum gang.

If the Hero asks him about the topic Cheydinhal, he will say "Boss uglies in Cheydinhal are the Orums." He has a few bottles of Skooma in his house.


When not at his house, Bazur can be found either visiting Newlands Lodge or Borba's Goods and Stores.


If forced into combat, Bazur will wield an Iron Bow for longer range and an Iron Dagger if in closer range.


Cheydinhal: "Boss uglies in Cheydinhal are the Orums. Don't mean nothing to you. You is the Outside. Just stay Outside, and everything's Mister Tinker. Got me?"