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Bear traps are small traps that are laid out on the floor for the player to step on. They can, however, be disarmed if you see them and press the use button. Another way to disarm the trap is to shoot the center with an arrow. It is worth bearing in mind that, as with all traps, care should be taken when exploring with Followers, as they can easily blunder into them.

Sometimes found in front of chests, protecting an area (as in the vicinity of Orphan Rock) or entrances to a building (as in Fort Greymoor).

Usually in caves (Falmer or Draugr) there could be a bear trap laying around somewhere.

It is possible to pick up bear traps and use them to hurt enemies. Bear traps can kill some low level enemies with one hit.

Also, if you have the "Light Foot" perk in the Sneak skill-tree, when using physics-carry, moving the bear trap towards you while stepping on it will lift you off the ground for a short period of time before dropping again.

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