For other uses, see Beast Stone.

The Beast Stone is located near the east side of Solstheim, south of the Skaal Village, in the Felsaad Coast region.


The Ritual of BeastsEdit

The Nerevarine has defeated the Rieklings attacking the bear. This bear, however, is still wounded. It looks as though it has been pierced by a Riekling arrow that will need to be removed.

The Skaal Test of LoyaltyEdit

Tharsten Heart-Fang is clearly angry with the Imperials' presence on the island. He believes that they have no respect for the land or the creatures on it. He also believes that they are responsible for the dwindling power of the Skaal's powerful nature magic. He spoke of how the Imperials have disrupted the Oneness of the land, the balance that lies in all living things.