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"He's a bookworm. Try a bookseller. That's where I'd look."
Mournhold citizen[src]

Bedal Alen is a Dunmer merchant who considers himself a great scholar, but will not buy or sell anything. He is found upstairs at the bookstore in the Great Bazaar of Mournhold.


As a House Hlaalu member, Bedal Alen is unhappy about the death of the Hlaalu King Athyn Llethan and his successor King Helseth. Like many people, he believes Helseth murdered the old King. Unlike most other people, though, he has taken actions against the new King. He is plotting the murder of King Helseth, as a Handwritten letter from him to his cousin Forven Berano reveals.


Evidence of ConspiracyEdit

Bedal is one of three characters involved in a plot to kill the King, as a Handwritten letter with his signature reveals. After revealing this to Tienius Delitian, the Royal Guard's Captain, the Nerevarine is tasked with his execution.


Greeting (during the quest "Evidence of Conspiracy") "But... I don't understand. Is something the matter?"

evidence of conspiracy "Oh, dear. I KNEW this would happen. Please, have mercy on me!"

"Denounce Bedal Alen, and execute him." "But... I can see I am doomed. then it is better to die here than rot in Helseth's dungeon. Do your worst, villain!" (attacks)
"Warn Bedal Alen, and let him escape." "You have shown yourself an honorable [PC Race]. I thank you. I will absent myself from Mournhold immediately. And I would die before I'd betray your generosity to me. And now, if you'll excuse me, I believe an Almsivi Intervention will swiftly deliver me out of peril." Goodbye


  • "Me? Here? Nothing. I'm doing nothing. See?"


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