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Rest is a gameplay mechanic synonymous with sleep. Rest is required to level up (except in Skyrim), to become a vampire, and participate in certain quests such as the Anvil Recommendation and joining the Dark Brotherhood. If resting, fatigue (stamina), magicka (unless born under the Atronach birthsign), and health will restore to maximum. The amount of fatigue, magicka, and health restored is irrelevant to the amount of time slept; sleeping just one hour will restore all bars to maximum.


Waiting does not count as rest nor does sitting on chairs or benches. Beds not owned by the player cannot be slept in. It is also impossible to rest when trespassing. Most guilds have beds that are free for members to use. A bed can also be rented for a night at an Inn and when buying a house, it comes with a bed.


Dungeons can be rested in.


Resting will restore health; if trying to rest in someone's house, the guards will bring the trespasser to a trial. It is also illegal to rest in a city. Dungeons can be rested in. Rooms can also be rented in an inn for a certain amount of hours.


Resting in a city is illegal, so the Nerevarine must go outside a town to rest or find a bed. Outside a city, if there are no enemies around, Nerevarine can rest on the solid ground without bed. If Nerevarine goes to other owned bed and is witnessed by others, they will get bounty. If The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal has been installed, and Nerevarine has not started the Tribunal main quest, then if Nerevarine tries to go to bed, they will be attacked by The Dark Brotherhood.


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Resting offers no additional bonuses, and is only used to restore fatigue, magicka and health, level up and to advance certain quests.


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