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Bee in a Jar
TESV Bee In A Jar Crop
1 WeightIcon
Base Value:
1 GoldIcon
Type: Misc.
FormID: 000b08c7

The Bee in a Jar is a miscellaneous item that contains a live bee that flies around inside a jar. There are other types of jars like this that can be found throughout Skyrim; each jar contains a different insect. It is one of many insects found living in Skyrim.


The jar can be found at Goldenglow Estate, in Aringoth's bedroom on the second floor.


There is an inscription on the inside of all of the insect jars. The markings are diagrams of the insects contained in the jars. The markings on the inside of the jar appear to read "D" followed by a "K" and then a "+". The "D" represents the thorax of the bee, the "K" its wings and legs, and the "+" the head (which is used for the head of most of the insects in jars) .

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  • Unlike the Butterfly in a Jar, the Moth in a Jar, the Torchbug in a Jar, and the Dragonfly in a Jar, the Bee in a Jar does not respawn.



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