Not to be confused with Beek-Nei, Beek-Nassa, or Beek-Metaku.
"Good luck exploring the caves of Daen Seeth. The Ashlands in an exciting place for travelers and adventurers. Me? I'll just stay here in my nice, cozy tavern. Mmm... Bile Beer."

Beek-Ja is an Argonian who resides at The Fish Stink in Davon's Watch in the region of Stonefalls.


"Greetings. Have you come to the Ashlands seeking glory and honor? The caverns of Stonefalls hold treasure. And danger. And death. Ahem. Have you heard of them? The Armature? Emberflint?"

Emberflint? What's that? "It is an old mine. Used to be worked by slaves for house Dres. I do not know what works the mines today. As there are no Argonian slaves in the Ashlands. Or so says the Pact."
What do you mean? "I don't mean anything. Unless you think I mean that some of my egg-brothers and sisters still suffer under the slavemaster's whip in remote corners of the Pact lands. Then, I mean that."
The Armature? (Or "You mentioned an Armature?" if asked about Emberflint first) "A Dwemer ruin. No one still swimming knows of its real name. It is called the "Inner Sea Armature," as it is a large mechanism that sits along the Inner Sea. Much like a clam knife is called that because it is a knife. For clams."
Anything I should know about this place? "Oh yes, it is very, very dangerous. If the Dwemer ... things do not get you, the bandits will. A crew of outlaws have begun plundering the site. Here, I will mark it on your map. Just do not say I did not warn you. When they stab you."