"I'm Beelei. You... you came from out there? And you survived? Then how do I know you're not one of THEM?"

Beelei quote

Beelei is an Argonian commoner who resides in her home within the settlement of Deepwallow in the Shivering Isles.


She is very cautious of outsiders, fearing "them" and what they might do. She is continually paranoid of them and will become even more paranoid around larger groups of people or strangers, as anybody might be one of "them," and will sometimes ask odd questions about the Hero.

Her day starts at 8am, but she does not leave her house until its noon. Until 3pm, she will visit her neighbors, Erver Devani and Dulphumph gro-Urgash. After 3, she will return to her home and stay there, going to bed at 10pm.


  • "It's awful out there in the world, isn't it? Best to just stay at home, inside... where it's safe."
  • "There's someone new in the Shivering Isles. One more person to worry about."
  • "The world didn't end. Today, at least. That doesn't mean we're safe tomorrow. Doesn't really mean we're safe now, either."