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Beem-Ja is an Argonian mage encountered near Ironbind Barrow, along with his fellow companion, Salma.


Ironbind BarrowEdit

Through Salma, he enlists the service of the Dragonborn in order to find Gathrik's tomb.

After locating and defeating Warlord Gathrik, Beem-Ja then talks to the Dragonborn and attacks, saying that in order for him to fully absorb Gathrik's power, a blood sacrifice is needed.

Letter to Beem-JaEdit

Upon killing Beem-Ja, a letter can be found on his body. The letter indicates that Salma's father does not trust him, but accedes to his killing Gathrik in order for him to obtain the "book [he wants] so badly," on the condition that he ensures his daughter's safety. This book turns out to be the 2920, vol 10 - Frostfall, a Conjuration skill book.


  • During the fight, as soon as the Dragonborn kills Warlord Gathrik, Beem-Ja will double-cross the Dragonborn and revive him. This can be a challenging battle because of the two opponents. To avoid this, as soon as Warlord Gathrik is killed, the Dragonborn should not go near or interact with Beem-Ja. Instead, running all the way out of Ironbind Barrow (exiting the way the Dragonborn came) will avoid an immediate second confrontation.
    • Once outside, the Dragonborn should go back into Ironbind Barrow. The Dragonborn can either jump on top of the pressure sensitive altar (where the enchanted helmet is/was) to open the iron gate that is now stuck closed, or look for the pull chain (located nearly above it). After proceeding back towards the throne room, Beem-Ja will be standing alone outside the entrance. He can be killed whilst he is still outside the throne room. In this scenario he will not have the opportunity to raise the slain Warlord Gathrik from the dead, so the Dragonborn can simply loot the room/corpses, learn the Shout, and leave unscathed through the exit. (Note: If the Dragonborn is able to disintegrate Gathrik with a shock spell, Beem-Ja will not be able to revive him.)
  • Upon the start of fight with Beem-Ja, by entering non-combat stance Beem-Ja will say "You're not worth it" and ceases to attack the Dragonborn. NB, Warlord Gathik (re-summoned) remains hostile, and Salma will still continue to attack Beem-Ja.
  • If the Dragonborn waits for long enough before confronting Beem-Ja after killing Warlord Gathrik, Salma leaves the room.
  • If the Dragonborn runs straight in and kills Gathrik quickly, before Beem-Ja and Salma finish off the Skeleton mage and Frost Atronach, Beem-Ja will be killed by the remaining enemies whilst he is talking to the Dragonborn about his or her sacrifice. Salma, who has become an ally, adopts the crouched position of a defeated companion and can be revived with a spell. This is much easier than fighting both Warlord Gathrik and Beem-Ja.
  • During the fight, kill the 2 small skeletons, then attack Beem-Ja but without making him and Salma hostile. When Gathrik is killed you focus Beem-Ja to kill him with a few hits. This is quite easy for those with high stealth and bow skills (triple damage).


Salma "How can you just sit there and wait? We should be in there!"
Beem-Ja "We must gather our strength. Who knows what's inside?"
Salma "Treasure, that's what! Get off your scaly rump and let's go!"
Beem-Ja "[notices player] Hush, Salma. We aren't alone."


  • Salma's father seems to have been Beem-Ja's master/owner and had struck a deal to release Beem-Ja from servitude over some secret event that occurred in Black Marsh.
  • Beem-Ja can be revived and makes an excellent support character if the Dragonborn has the Dead Thrall spell.
  • Note that Salma is in no way affiliated with Beem-Ja's motives, and will assist the Dragonborn when Beem-Ja betrays him or her.


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