"Seems there's no end to the needs of the Imperials. But what can I help you with?"


Beirand is a Nord blacksmith running the Solitude Blacksmith in Solitude. He is the husband of Sayma, who owns Bits and Pieces, and the father of Kayd.


His job is to make weapons and armor for the Imperial soldiers stationed in Solitude. He's a "king's man at heart," but doesn't especially like or dislike the Imperials. His loyalty lies with Solitude, and Jarl Elisif now.

When asked why he doesn't join the war, he replies that his wife Sayma would be angry at him and he couldn't leave his son Kayd. He then says fighting his wife about it would be tougher than fighting any war.


Get OutfittedEdit

Beirand is obliged to offer a set of armor once the Dragonborn joins the Imperial army. He gives the Dragonborn three choices of Imperial armor.


Roggvir's executionEdit

Svari: "They can't hurt uncle Roggvir. Tell them he didn't do it."
Aldis: "Positions."
Addvar: "Svari, you need to go home. Go home and stay there until your mother comes."
Aldis: "Lock the city gate."
Vivienne: "You should tell her that her uncle is scum that betrayed his High King. Best she know now, Addvar."
Addvar: "You're all heart, Vivienne."
Aldis: "Roggvir. You helped Ulfric Stormcloak escape this city after he murdered High King Torygg. By opening that gate for Ulfric you betrayed the people of Solitude."
Beirand: "Traitor!"
Sorex: "He doesn't deserve to speak!"
Roggvir: "There was no murder! Ulfric challenged Torygg. He beat the High King in fair combat."
Taarie: "Liar!"
Roggvir: "Such as our way! Such as the ancient custom of Skyrim, and all Nords!"
Jala: "Booooo."
Sorex: "Booooo."
Vivienne: "Cut 'em down!"
Taarie: "Booooo."
Aldis: "Guard. Prepare the prisoner."
Roggvir: "I don't need your help."
Aldis: "Very well, Roggvir. Bow your head."
Roggvir: "On this day... I go to Sovngarde."

Heimvar's skillsEdit

Beirand: "Come on, Heimvar. My son could stoke the forge better than you do!" or "You're making progress, Heimvar. But my boy could still work the bellows better than you do!"
Heimvar: "Yeah, but can he hammer the anvil for eight hours straight?" or "Sure, but I bet he can't hold his mead as well as me!"
Beirand: "Give him time. In a couple years, he'll be the age you were when you started!" or "Right you are! Guess I'll keep training you... for now."

Bits and businessEdit

Sayma: "Sure has been quiet around the shop lately." or "We hardly ever get new customers anymore."
Sayma: "Not that I mind the break, of course. But, still..." or "I suppose in wartime, people aren't looking to part with their old junk..."
Beirand: "We'll make it through, dear. We always do." or "It's okay, dear. More work than ever down at the blacksmith."
(Or) Kayd "Who needs customers and their old junk?" or "Father oughtta punch them in the mouth! That'd get people in here!"


  • "I think I would, if it weren't for my son. And my wife. Oh, Sayma would have my hide if I even suggested I might step foot on a battlefield. You think Stormcloaks and Legionniares are dangerous? Ha!"
  • "It's almost all I have time for these days. The men train here in Solitude and the troops out in the field, they all need weapons and armor. You should look into joining. They could use every hand they can get."
  • "Return any time you need arms or armor. My forge never rests."
  • "Seems there is no end to the need of the Imperials... but what can I help you with?"
  • "Keep safe. And always wear your armor."
  • "When the Stormcloaks took Solitude I thought for sure things would slow down, but they keep me just as busy as the Imperials." — Solitude under Stormcloak Rule.