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Beitild's House is a house found in the city of Dawnstar in The Pale. It's located between Silus Vesuius's House and The Mortar and Pestle shop. It is the home of Beitild, an Imperial who works the iron mine in Dawnstar. Picking the lock and killing Beitild when she is in her house is an easy way of completing the Dark Brotherhood quest in which the Dragonborn is sent to kill her.


Beitild's home consists of a single room. A table and chair sit in the front left corner. Next to that is a bed with a chest at the end of it. A small table and a cupboard sit in the back corner on the left. In the center of the back wall, a fireplace with a cooking pot can be found, and to the right of that is a table and bench. To the right of the door, a barrel and shelf can be found. Above the shelf is some Garlic, Frost Mirriam, and Elves Ear.




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