"Isran is the only one trying to do something about these vampires. I don't much like him, but I can't allow the people of Skyrim to be preyed upon by those monsters."

Beleval is Bosmer bandit, vampire hunter and member of the Dawnguard.

She is available as a follower to the Dragonborn. She is the only Bosmer who joins the Dawnguard. She will have unique dialogue with the Dragonborn if they are a Bosmer, such as calling them "handsome."


As a follower, her stats are identical to Agmaer, with a level range of 5–25. She is also the only female Bosmer follower present in Skyrim.


  • Beleval's voice might be sometimes emptied because the voice actor didn't record the follower dialogue for Beleval's voice type, same goes with Alva.
  • Oddly, this is not the case for the female Dark Brotherhood Initiate despite sharing the same voice actor.
  • Rarely when Beleval is a follower and with the Dragonborn venturing a road (the cobble stone ones), she will say, "Did you know any strong man around?," she'll laugh and then say, "Oh come'on, don't go away mad."
  • Occasionally, If the Dragonborn is to go inside Arcadia's Cauldron and have Beleval as a follower and near by Arcadia, they will start a conversation with Arcadia saying, "Ohh, I was running for you..." and Beleval will reply, "Did you know any strong man around?." They'll both laugh and then Beleval will say, "Oh come'on, don't go away mad."


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  •  PC   If the Dragonborn turns into a Vampire Lord when Beleval is a follower, she will say, "I won't kill you, but I will head to Fort Dawnguard," and then leave the follower service. However, the follower spot may remain occupied. She will find a way back to the Dragonborn if their vampirism gets cured.


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