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Belharza the Emperor - concept-art by Michael Kirkbride

Sketch of Belharza by Michael Kirkbride[OOG 1]

Belharza, also known as Belharza the Man-Bull, was the second Emperor of the Alessian Empire. He was the son of Alessia and Morihaus, and Morihaus was said to be a minotaur. As a result, Belharza was sometimes referred to as a "man-bull" due to being a mix of Nede and Minotaur.[OOG 2]


Belharza child - concept-art by Michael Kirkbride

Belharza as a child[OOG 1]

Belharza was born sometime during the early First Era, as the firstborn child of Alessia and Morihaus.[OOG 1]

In 1E 266, after Empress Alessia was transformed into the first Cyrodilic Saint by Shezarr, he was crowned as the second Emperor of the Alessian Empire. It is said that during his reign as Emperor, there were several Ayleids ruling in Malada.[1]


  • Rare private letters between him and his mother Alessia are held in The Library of Dusk.[2]


Notice: The following are out-of-game references. They are not found in any in-game books, but can still be considered part of The Elder Scrolls lore and are included for completeness.
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Emperor of Cyrodiil
St. Alessia 1E 266 - 1E 322 Ami-El

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