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Benirus Manor
Benirus Manor Front
Benirus Manor MapLocation
Type House
Quests Where Spirits Have Lease
Enemies Ghosts during quest
Location ID AnvilBenirusManorHaunted

Benirus Manor is a house for sale the Hero can purchase in Anvil. It is a two-story house with a basement located in the east side of Anvil that can be bought for 5000 GoldIcon from Velwyn Benirus, found at The Count's Arms.


House Name: Benirus Manor


Through neglect over the years by its owner, both the exterior and interior looks run down before the Hero buys the house, but once the associated quest is complete, everything gets fixed up and Benirus Manor looks much better.

For the price, this is one of the best houses in the game, in terms of size. Also, the fact that they do not have to buy the furniture for it makes this an even more attractive building. The only drawback is a relative lack of storage containers, except in the cellar.

The house is made up of a bedroom, dining room, living room, balcony/sitting area, office, basement and a secret cellar (located in basement).

Related questEdit

Where Spirits Have LeaseEdit

"I've overheard a rumor that Velwyn Benirus wants to sell a manor here in Anvil, and that he's selling it cheap. I should go find him and see what he has to offer"
―The Champion of Cyrodiil's journal.

After sleeping in the manor, three Benirus Manor Ghosts appear and the Hero hears a loud sound coming from downstairs.

After the completing of the quest, all the furniture returns to normal, and the house becomes an ideal place to live and to store any items from your Inventory.



  • Do not store any important items in the dining room cupboard (or anywhere else most likely) when the house is haunted. After the house is cleansed of Lorgren Benirus, the cupboard and any items inside will disappear.


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  •  360   Occasionally, there is a bug where halfway through the quest, the manor never loses its curse and the original owner, Velwyn Benirus, never appears again.


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