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"Our ancestors came into the deep desert to found Bergama so that we could preserve our heritage from pollution by Tamrielic practices."
Nworc at-Traeh[src]

Bergama is a settlement located in the reaches of the Alik'r Desert. The city is the ruling stronghold in the Bergama kingdom of the Iliac Bay.



Bergama is the second largest city in the Alik'r Desert only second to the capital, Sentinel. The city has three entrances, one on the southwestern end, and two on the northeastern end of the city. There is a long stretch of road going from the western gate to the palace. North of the palace is the town square and the local inn.



First EraEdit

When the Ra Gada arrived in Hammerfell, the city of Bergama was established. A scout from the Bergama Gallants known as Abadaman of the Three Scars was assigned the outpost now known as the Old Tower in Bangkorai.[2]

Second EraEdit

Main article: Bergama (Online)

At one point, there was a massacre at the Bergama market caused by a Werewolf.[3]

During the Alliance War, the entire Alik'r region had dealt with a threat by the Withered Hand cult, a necromancy group. The magistrate of Bergama struck a hidden deal with the Worm Cult. If the magistrate brought citizens to them, the Cult will spare the city of the invasion beyond the walls. The Vestige luckily stopped the deal and saved the people of Bergama. [4]

A dispute among the Forebears and the Crowns has disturbed the city of Bergama. Tiela of the Crowns was to marry Casnar at-Tarin of the Forebears but he's disappeared on the wedding day. The Vestige offered to investigate the situation. After finding at-Tarin and finding a wedding gift, the wedding continued as planned thus uniting the Forebears and Crowns.[5]

Third EraEdit

Main article: Bergama (City)

During the Warp in the West, Bergama was the seat of the barony of Bergama. It was later annexed into the kingdom of Sentinel.

According to Blades spies, in the 9th of Frostfall, the city of Bergama was attacked by Sentinel troopers. The lord's fortress in Bergama was destroyed in the midst of the chaos. This was when Sentinel claimed the city of Bergama for themselves.[6]

A High Prophet named Ayaan-si planned a rebellion against Lhotun of Sentinel. She built multiple forays against the borders of both Bergama and Dak'fron.[7]


  • Bergama's name may have come from the real-life city of Bergama in Turkey.

By GameEdit



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