"Welcome to the Pawned Prawn. What can I do for you?"
―Bersi Honey-Hand[src]


Bersi Honey-Hand is the proprietor of The Pawned Prawn, a general goods store located in Riften. He is known for being charitable, and his wife Drifa often mentions that she wishes he would be more concerned with his own needs than the needs of others.


Taking Care of BusinessEdit

Bersi owes a debt to Brynjolf and the Thieves Guild that must be collected by beating him in a brawl or by smashing his prized Dwemer vase. If the other two debts owed to Brynjolf have already been collected, neither of those actions is necessary. In any case, he pays the 100 GoldIcon, then turns to his wife and asks her about a 300 GoldIcon purchase of spice.

After this encounter during visits to Bersi's shop, he may greet the Dragonborn with, "I hope you're here for friendlier reasons now, after all, I'm all paid up."

Notable itemsEdit


Drifa's "spices"Edit

Bersi: "Drifa? I was looking through our books and there's an entry for "spices". Says we spent 300 septims. What is that?"

Drifa: "Spices? I'm certain I have no idea what you're talking about."
Bersi: "You sure? It was in your hand writing. If you can't keep the books straight then let me do them."

Drifa: (with a slight tremble in her voice) "Oh, yes... spices. That was a special order for someone in Whiterun. Should be along any day now. Don't let it worry you, my dear."


  • "I have all sorts of interesting items for sale. Have you looked around?"
  • "If you're looking for anything to sell for a fair price, I run the Pawned Prawn over by the market."


  • Bersi's shop is named in memory of Brawny Prawn, the boat he owned during his time as a fisherman. He sold the boat to raise the funds he needed to open the shop, a decision he now regrets.
  • He may send Hired Thugs after the Dragonborn for threatening him in his shop and destroying his Dwarven pottery for the Thieves Guild quest "Taking Care of Business."
    • He may also send Hired Thugs after the Dragonborn if they have killed his wife, Drifa.
  • If the Dragonborn decides to brawl with Bersi prior to the quest "Taking Care of Business," he may go into the next room and pick up a Staff of Ice Spikes to fight.
  • A note from Wilhelm labeled An Apology, owner of the Vilemyr Inn in Ivarstead, can be found inside The Pawned Prawn. Inside the note, it can be inferred that Bersi and Wilhelm are "old friends," and that he had requested that Wilhelm investigate Shroud Hearth Barrow, as "trinkets from the Nordic Barrows sell quite well..."


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