"My dear vagrant, we're the only family worth knowing in Markarth. We own everything in this city, even the jail."
―Betrid Silver-Blood[src]


Betrid Silver-Blood is a Nord who lives in Markarth and is the wife to Thonar Silver-Blood.


Betrid is proud and will brag about her husband's importance, openly states that she married him for money and isn't ashamed to admit it, and how much weight her family bears in Markarth. She also tends to point out the vast property of the family.


Betrid lives in the Treasury House in Markarth and is married to Thonar Silver-Blood. She married Thonar for the money and will admit to it as she is proud of her unscrupulous social climbing.


She is mostly seen occupied by a book in the Treasury House and will occasionally brag about the Silver-Blood Family if interacted with.

The Forsworn ConspiracyEdit

During the Forsworn quest in Markarth, Betrid will be inevitably attacked by the servants, Nana Ildene and Donnel, if Thonar is confronted about the attack on Margret in the Market. The attack leads to her death regardless of action.

If assaulted, and talked to afterwards, or killed and resurrected using console commands, her dialogue may include, "Every time I see you, I imagine a Saber Cat, closing it's claws around your face."

  • If wishing to see her alive, do not confront Thonar about Margret, but instead follow up the lead on Weylin and talk to Nepos the Nose and then return to Eltrys at the Shrine of Talos in Markarth. Or pickpocket her husband for his journal.
  • If killed before confronting Thonar, then Hamal, priestess in the Temple of Dibella, will send the Dragonborn a letter of thanks for killing her.
  • It is possible to kill both Donnel and Nana IIdene if the Dragonborn has a high sneak level. However, this will not prevent Betrid's death.


  • "I'm married to Thonar Silver-Blood. Keep that in mind when you're speaking to me."
  • "My husband Thonar handles all our family's business. He's an important man." 
  • "I married Thonar for the money, and I'm not the least bit ashamed to admit it."


  • She may sometimes hold a necklace of minor smithing on her person that can be pickpocketed off of her or looted after she is killed by the Forsworn.