"We need some law-and-order... bring in the Legions. 'Leyawiin for the Imperials,' I say. No sense coddling those Renrijra Krin bandits."
―Betto Plotius[src]

Betto Plotius quote

Betto Plotius is an Imperial commoner living in Leyawiin with his wife Julitta Plotius. He and his wife own a house.

Both Betto and his wife show racist behavior when it comes to Argonians and Khajiits living in Leyawiin. Betto also believes that the best way to fix the bandit problem around Leyawiin is to bring in the Imperial Legion and have them take care of it.


  • "Betto Plotius. I'm a faithful servant of Leyawiin and the Emperor... Gods rest his soul."