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A field journal by Haenelisse, Vice-Chairman of the Bird-Watchers Society of Alinor.

3rd Frostfall, 2E 582
I have only been in Wrothgar for a few weeks now, but I fear my hopes of discovering vast numbers of rare and unique birds may be in vain. So far, I have seen only a handful of crows and chickens. They do appear to be slightly larger than their cousins in other parts of Tamriel, but other than that, there appear to be few distinguishing features.

15th Rain's Hand, 2E 583
For more than six months now, I have traipsed back and forth across the icy wastes of Wrothgar, and I have found nothing worth recording. I have decided that I will begin making preparations to return home.

19th Rain's Hand, 2E 583
How dark it is just before the dawn! Just when I had given up all hope, I found what may be the greatest discovery in the history of our society.

Yesterday, I was traversing a particularly remote area of the Wrothgarian mountains when I heard the distant chirping of a blue bunting. I thought I must be imagining things, but I decided I had no choice but to investigate.

As I followed the bunting's call, I began to hear other varieties of bird calls, and soon I traced the sounds to a desolate cave. Just looking into the mouth of the cave, I can already see blue buntings, canaries, cardinals, and even a green jay. Never before have I seen so many different birds living in the same habitat.

Tomorrow I will venture deeper into the cave. Who knows what I might find? I think this might be the most excited I've been in my entire life.


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