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Birer Indaram is a Dunmer living in Molag Mar, Morrowind. He is a Deputy General with the Buoyant Armigers, and is the highest-ranking member of the Tribunal Temple at the city's Armigers Stronghold.


House RedoranEdit

When the Nerevarine was sent to the Armigers Stronghold to collect a debt on behalf of House Redoran, negotiations with Birer's brother Giras quickly fell apart. Birer suggested that his hard-headed sibling be challenged to a dual to reclaim the debt.


This character uses or carries the following:


This character uses the following:


  • Birer is one of three Indaram brothers at the Armigers Stronghold, all of whom are Buoyant Armigers. His siblings are Giras Indaram and Tidros Indaram.


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