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Race Nord
Gender Female
Level 4
Class Pawnbroker
Rank Citizen
Services Sells goods
Essential No
Ref ID 0001C18C
Base ID 0001C187
"I'll sell just about anything, if it's worth my time. Keep that in mind, will you?"

Birna is a Nord pawnbroker living in Winterhold.

She owns the shop Birna's Oddments. Her brother is Ranmir, who she is constantly fighting with. The Dragonborn can purchase the Coral Dragon Claw from her shop, after which she tells them to take the claw to Yngol Barrow.


  • Sometimes, Birna will never have the conversation option to buy or sell. The Coral Dragon Claw can still be bought, however.
  •  PC    PS3   Birna simply stands in front of her shop face to face with her brother and doesn't give any dialogue options about the Coral Dragon Claw at all.
    • PC Fix: Use console command stopquest 000B2174. She will return to her daily routine.
  • Sometimes, Birna will provide all of the dialogue options, including the buy/sell option, but not the Coral Dragon Claw. The alternative is to just get the claw in Yngol Barrow, but sometimes it is not there either.
  • For an unknown reason, a character who has never even entered her store may be attacked by hired thugs, sent by Birna.
  • The game may fail to load Birna, which makes her totally disappear.
  • Birna may sell the Coral Dragon Claw, even if the Dragonborn already has it from Yngol's Barrow


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