"He was a good man when I married him, but greed took a hold of his heart. While I'm not happy he's dead, I'm glad he's at peace."
―Maeva the Buxom[src]

Bjalfi the Contemptible quote

Bjalfi the Contemptible is a Nord who lives in Fort Strand near the city of Anvil. After his marriage, he left his wife, Maeva the Buxom, to take up with the local Marauder band, residing in Fort Strand.

His ex-wife Maeva lives on Whitmond Farm, which is very close to the Anvil main gate. When he left, he took her family heirloom, Rockshatter, an enchanted Dwemer mace.


When the Vow BreaksEdit

Maeva commissions the Hero to get the mace back from him. Bjalfi would not be an extremely tough fight, if it were not for his weapon Rockshatter. If the Hero is level 6 or more he will be wearing Dwarven armor. When he is defeated, simply return it to Whitmond Farm and Maeva's dowry will be received as a reward.