Not to be confused with Brynjolfr, Brynjolf, or Bjorynolf.

Bjornolfr is a deceased Nord whose corpse can be found beneath Hrodulf's House.


He came to Solstheim from Solitude, searching for Hrodulf, his lover, after apparently receiving some bizarre correspondence from him. Hrodulf's Journal, found inside the house, shows the decay of Hrodulf's state of mind. He no longer maintains residence inside the house, due to an obsession with the Dwemer workings beneath it. His mad ramblings and long absence bring Bjornofr to the house to find him, as evidenced by a letter from Bjornolfr found inside the house.

Two Reavers are found reading through Hrodulf's letters in the basement of the house. Bjornolfr's body is found in the Dwemer tunnel below carrying a Bloodstained Letter from Hrodulf. It is unclear what Bjornolfr's cause of death was, but it can be assumed that he took his own life after finding his dead lover—mainly by the dagger under his body and that the Reavers mention during conversation, "Do you think he's the one we left in the tunnel?"

Hrodulf's body can be found southwest from the house near a rowboat and a chest, both covered in blood. Near his body is a strongbox with leveled loot and an East Empire Pendant.

Notable itemsEdit

Besides the Bloodstained Letter, Bjornolfr's corpse can be looted for Novice Robes of Conjuration, Novice Hood, and Boots.


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