Black-Briar Lodge is a location east of Riften. This lodge is one of the houses the Black-Briar family owns, possibly serving as a holiday home.


Currently, no member of the Black-Briars resides here, but the place is protected by mercenaries, both inside and out. The mercenaries are hostile when approached.

Frost, Sibbi Black-Briar's horse, is found here at the stables and may be stolen during the quest "Promises to Keep."

The Lodge is divided into three sections, the ground floor, second floor and the basement.

Notable itemsEdit


No Stone UnturnedEdit

One of the Stones of Barenziah is here on the top floor in the bedroom. It is next to the bed.

Promises to KeepEdit

Help Louis Letrush get Frost from Sibbi Black-Briar.



  • The music that plays inside is walled city music, while the music that plays outdoors is environmental music.
  • Entering will count as trespassing, but no Riften Guards are present in or around the building, making it impossible to earn a bounty. Everything inside however, will be considered "Stolen" if taken. The only exception is things on the mercenaries. Killing them however, will not be considered as assault.


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