"Can I interest you in any of my wares, serjo?"

Black-Silk-Earth is an Argonian grocer residing in Davon's Watch in the region of Stonefalls.


You seem troubled. "I would never complain, serjo. The Pact has... done so much for us."

Speak your mind. "It's just... it's not fair, serjo. Look at my cart. It has the finest fruits and vegetables in this land, but I must sell them for next to nothing. Only the poorest Elves will eat food picked by Argonians."
Why is that? "Because we're free now. But so many Dark Elves still see a slave when they look at us. They weren't so particular about who picked their food when our hands were shackled."

Can you tell me about provisioning? "Of course! We provisioners practice the arts of cooking and brewing. Good food requires the best ingredients. We gather fresh meat and produce from crates, barrels, and the like. If we're lucky, we'll also find recipes in chests, trunks, and desks."

So you get ingredients and recipes—what then? "Once you've copied the recipe down and acquired the necessary ingredients, that's when the real fun begins. Cooking pots and rotisseries can be found all over. You need only find one, select a recipe, and then indulge in the simple joy of cooking!"
What sort of food can I make? "Don't forget drink! Hearty meals will fill your belly, increasing your general well-being—both body and soul. Strong drink can stimulate the humors, allowing you to recover more quickly. If you're lucky, you might find a recipe that does both!"