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Golden Touch (Achievement) Black Band
Weight 1 WeightIcon
Class Ring

The Black Band is a ring which can be gained as a reward for completing the Dark Brotherhood quest A Watery Grave. The appearance of the Black Band ring is nearly identical to most enchanted brass rings.

Leveled effectsEdit

The magnitude of the effects granted by the ring are dependent on when the ring is acquired. Its power increases proportionally to character level.


Level GoldIcon WeightIcon Enchantments Apparel ID
1-4 1250 1 Fortify Skill: Light Armor 3 pts
Fortify Skill: Security 3 pts
Resist Magic 3%
5-9 1950 1 Fortify Skill: Light Armor 5 pts
Fortify Skill: Security 5 pts
Resist Magic 5%
10-14 3000 1 Fortify Skill: Light Armor 8 pts
Fortify Skill: Security 8 pts
Resist Magic 8%
15-19 3700 1 Fortify Skill: Light Armor 10 pts
Fortify Skill: Security 10 pts
Resist Magic 10%
20-24 4750 1 Fortify Skill: Light Armor 13 pts
Fortify Skill: Security 13 pts
Resist Magic 13%
25-29 5450 1 Fortify Skill: Light Armor 15 pts
Fortify Skill: Security 15 pts
Resist Magic 15%
30+ 6500 1 Fortify Skill: Light Armor 18 pts
Fortify Skill: Security 18 pts
Resist Magic 18%


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