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Black Dart Malar

A member of the Black Dart Gang

Not to be confused with The Black Dart Gang (Quest).
"They dress like poor beggars, but they throw deadly poison darts -- one is enough to kill you. If you see them, run."
Narisa Adus[src]

The Black Dart Gang is a group of Dunmer bandits found in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal.


They roam Mournhold's sewers, Old Mournhold, and are mainly located in the Temple Sewers West. They are known to appear harmless, and disguise themselves as beggars. However, they are deadly opponents, and use lethal darts in combat.[1] They will attack anyone on sight venturing in their corner of the sewers.

Known membersEdit


The Black Dart GangEdit

The Nerevarine is tasked to find the ghost of Narisa Adus's husband, who will, in turn, help the Hero permanently rid Mournhold of the gang.

Black Dart apparel, weapons and itemsEdit






  1. Dialogue with Narisa Adus

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