For other uses, see Black Hand Robe.

Black Hand Robes are powerful enchanted robes reserved for members of the Black Hand.

Compared with Shrouded Armor, they are heavier, offer no Armor protection, and have a Speechcraft enchantment instead of Acrobatics. However, the enchantments are stronger, totaling 15 points for each Skill when the Robes and Hood are worn together, as opposed to the Shrouded Armor's 10.


Attributes by pieceEdit

Piece ArmorIcon WeightIcon Health-icon GoldIcon Enchantment ID
Black Hand Hood 1 0 Fortify Skill: Sneak 4pts
Fortify Skill: Illusion 4pts
Fortify Skill Marksman 4pts
Fortify Skill: Blade 4pts
Fortify Skill: Speechcraft 4pts
Black Hand Robe 4 0 Fortify Skill: Sneak 11pts
Fortify Skill: Illusion 11pts
Fortify Skill: Marksman 11pts
Fortify Skill: Blade 11pts
Fortify Skill: Speechcraft 11pts
Total 5 0