The Black Mage Hood is an article of clothing in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

This hood can only be equipped by using console commands.


The Black Mage Hood is the hood part of the Black Mage Robes and Necromancer Robes, mostly worn by Skeleton Mages at the Labyrinthian, Necromancer's Bluff and Castle Volkihar. It can be equipped using the Console command player.equipitem 000C5D10 X or player.equipitem xx7e9b x, where X is whether the hood is removable.

Alternatively, it can be equipped to an NPC. To equip only the hood by typing equipitem 000C5D10 X.


  • It is unobtainable as it disappears once the Skeleton is defeated. If the auto unequip script is removed from the skeleton via the Creation Kit, one will discover the glitched physics of the hood when it falls apart.