The Black Year was a year named for the bloody conflict that took place in Valenwood during the 3E 396.


In 3E 396, one of the Bosmer tribes known as Parikh Tribe allied themselves with the Altmer of the nearby Summerset Isles and began a rampage through southeastern Valenwood.

The conflict is known to have continued at least two more years when the Parikh drove other tribes from the Bosmer homeland, Valenwood. There was nothing to be done about it and soon other tribes perished as there were no lands for them to hunt and settle on. Although the exact number of victims is unknown, extant records indicate that at least one tribe was driven north to Hammerfell.

Lady Allena Benoch was only 14 years old when the conflict began. Two years into the fighting, she had her first close encounter with the enemy; this incident inspired her to learn swordmanship. Driven out of Valenwood, she studied with the Redguards and became a master of the blade.[1]