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Blacklight is a city located on the north-western coast of Morrowind, near the border of Skyrim.[1][2] It is one of several possible locations that the Eternal Champion may discover in The Elder Scrolls: Arena.

West of the city is a path leading into Skyrim called Dunmeth Pass.[3]

Fourth EraEdit

Following the Red Year and the sack of Mournhold by the Argonians, it became the capital of Morrowind and home to House Redoran, who became head of the ruling Council.[4][5]

Many citizens of Blacklight moved to parts of Skyrim, most notably Windhelm, and also a large proportion moved to Solstheim.[citation needed] A Temple of Azura is known to exist, where Neria Relethyl resides.[6]

Occasional supply ship and visitors are known to travel from the city to Solstheim.[4]

The city is known for its large shipping docks where supplies are shipped to and from all over Tamriel.



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