"Blacklight holds the northern tip of Morrowind, and to the east is Dagoth Ur in all its fiery glory."
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Blacklight is a major city located along the northwestern coast of Morrowind. Blacklight is the modern capital of Morrowind when Mournhold was besieged by the Argonians.[2]



Center of power in Blacklight is a building known as the Rootspire. This is where the Grand Council meets to discuss Morrowind's current state.[1] There is a Temple of Azura built within the city.[3] West of the city is the Dunmeth Pass which connects it to Windhelm in Skyrim.[4] Because it's Redoran territory, It can be assumed that the architecture resembles large bug shells similar to Ald'ruhn and Raven Rock.


  • Blacklight Oxen Meatballs – Made with Red Meat and Saltrice.
  • Blacklight Ginger Matze – Made with Rice, Guarana, and Ginger.


Second EraEdit

During the Alliance War, there use to be a group of bandits known as the Blacklight Raiders. One of the members Lavergne, buried a treasure in the city of Evermore.[5][6]

In the second era, the Isle of Vvardenfell is largely inhabited by nomadic Ashlander. The eastern coast of Vvardenfell consist of Telvanni Mage Lords that see value in Azura's Coast. On the northwestern coast, many Dark Elves reside there to exploit resources throughout the West Gash. This was administrated by the Great House in Blacklight.[OOG 1]

During Tiber Septim's conquest throughout Tamriel, the Blacklight area was the staging grounds of the Morrowind chapter. His army faced Redoran mercenaries, elite units of house nobles, Temple Ordinators, and Armigers in the general areas of Blacklight, Kragenmoor, Silgrad Tower, and Cormaris View.[7]

Third EraEdit

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During the Imperial Simulacrum, the Eternal Champion had at one point visited the city in their quest for a piece of the Staff of Chaos.

Fourth EraEdit

Unlike the cities in Vvardenfell, Blacklight managed to survive the Red Year. Because of the Argonian invasions from the southern borders of Deshaan, Mournhold was sacked to the ground and Blacklight was made the de facto capital city of Morrowind.[2]


  • When Arena was going to be a Tournament based game, Blacklight's team was known as the Dark Knights.[OOG 2]
  • The city of Blacklight is where the fictional character, King Edward is born.[8]

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Notice: The following are out-of-game references. They are not found in any in-game books, but can still be considered part of The Elder Scrolls lore and are included for completeness.
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