Blacksmithing Tutorial is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It serves as a tutorial into Smithing, where the Dragonborn can learn the basics of creating and improving weapons and armor. This quest does not appear in the journal. It can be offered by either Alvor at Alvor and Sigrid's House in Riverwood, or Adrianne Avenicci at Warmaiden's in Whiterun.


  1. Craft an iron dagger.
  2. Temper the iron dagger.
  3. Craft some leather.
  4. Craft a hide helmet.
  5. Temper the hide helmet.


Craft a daggerEdit

The Dragonborn receives two iron ingots and two leather strips to create an iron dagger by the blacksmith forge. As soon as the dagger is crafted, it should be presented to the quest giver who will then ask them to sharpen it. It can be done at the grindstone using the second iron ingot.

Craft a helmetEdit

Secondly, the Dragonborn receives an animal hide to craft some leather at the tanning rack. After speaking again with the quest giver, they will be tasked with creating a hide helmet at the forge. Lastly, the helmet must be tempered (improved) at the workbench.


  • The Dragonborn receives the crafting materials free and can keep the end-products - although, even at this stage, better equipment is likely to be owned.
  • Crafting the required items provides an increase to the Dragonborn's Smithing skill.


  • The quest can only be initiated during daytime, when the quest giver is at work.
  • The Dragonborn must return to the quest giver after each phase, otherwise the progress is not registered. Thus, sharpening the dagger or tempering the helmet before the objective is given is not a good idea.