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Blackwood Ring of Silence

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Golden Touch (Achievement) Blackwood Ring of Silence
Weight 1 WeightIcon
Value 30 GoldIcon
Class Ring
Enchantment Fire Damage 150 pts on Self
FormID 00098175
"Damn. Killed himself. Must have had some sort of magic item we didn't notice."
Modryn Oreyn

The Blackwood Ring of Silence is the infamous ring Ajum-Kajin wears. As a representative of the Blackwood Company, he's sworn to secrecy. When compromised, Ajum-Kajin invokes the ring's terrible power.


The Hero obtains this ring during Information Gathering after Ajum-Kajin uses it to commit suicide, preventing him from divulging the guild secrets.


  • The ring can be taken from Ajum-Kajin's corpse, but is of very little use, as it will kill the player quickly if worn.


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