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Blades refers to a faction present in The Elder Scrolls series of games.

Blades is also referred to as The Blades and may refer to one of the following:

Other pages include:

For blades in reference to weapons or skill, see:

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  • Who's most to blame for allowing the Oblivion Crisis to start?

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    • I blame the writers and programmers. Whenever something bad happens those maniacs seem to have a hand in it.
    • Br3admax wrote:The Blades had nothing to do with the Oblivion Crisis happening, aside from Jaufree being an idiot. He should have kept the Amu...
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    • All they'd need to do is fight near a mountainside or cliff, and the Greybeards would win easily.  They'd use the Thu'um to defend themselv...
    • Well, as an old saying goes you cannot spell pacifist without "fist," the greybeards will definitely win for sure.

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