"These Blades agents offer training... not free, of course, but cheap for a fellow agent. Look for Rithleen, Tyermaillin, and Nine-Toes here in Balmora. In Caldera, see Surane Leoriane. In Ald'ruhn, see Gildan. Sjorvar Horse-Mouth lives in a hut west of Ald'ruhn. And Elone the Scout can be found at Arrille's Tradehouse in Seyda Neen."
―Dialogue with Caius Cosades[src]

Blades Trainers is a unique topic in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind that does have journal entries, both when you talk to Caius and again when you meet each of the trainers.


  • Locations: Balmora, Seyda Neen, Ald'ruhn, Caldera, West Gash region
  • ID: blades_Elone, blades_elone2, blades_Gildan, blades_gildan2, blades_Nine_Toes, blades_nine_toes2, blades_rithleen, blades_rithleen2, blades_Sjorvar, blades_sjorvar2, blades_Surane, blades_surane2, blades_tyermaillin, blades_tyermaillin2
  • Required Level: 5


  • "Seek out the Blades trainers for gifts and advice"


When joining the Blades, Caius Cosades will tell the Nerevarine about the locations of various trainers for the faction. They will only offer them training if they join the Blades. In addition, if they are level 5 or lower, each trainer will offer them a gift or advice the first time they meet them if asked about "Blades Trainers".


The trainers are:

Name Location Gift/Advice Training
Elone Arrille's Tradehouse, Seyda Neen Guide to Vvardenfell
Gildan Her house, Ald'ruhn recommends that the player should join The Fighters Guild in Balmora
Nine-Toes His house, Balmora 4 Moon Sugar
Rithleen Her house, Balmora Steel Cuirass and Helm
Sjorvar Horse-Mouth West Gash Region Recommends that the player should join the Mages Guild in Balmora
Surane Leoriane Her house, Caldera Recommends that the player have a visit with Llaros Uvayn
Tyermaillin His house, Balmora Journeyman's Alembic


ID Journal Entry
1 Caius says one of the Blades under his command, Elone the Scout, can usually be found at Arrille's Tradehouse in Seyda Neen, the sea port where I arrived by boat.
1 Elone gave me a copy of 'Guide to Vvardenfell' so I can learn something about Vvardenfell's land and people.
1 Caius says one of the Blades under his command, Nightblade Gildan, lives in Ald'ruhn, the Redoran district seat north of Balmora, beyond Caldera. Gildan lives in the southeast corner of town, in a house to the right of the steps up to the temple.
1 Gildan recommended I see Wayn at the Balmora Guild of Fighters. He sells jink blades which Paralyze and spider blades which poison. He says they aren't honorable weapons, and most smiths don't sell them.
1 Caius says that to reach Hunter Nine-Toes, one of the Blades under Caius' command, leave Caius' door facing south. Go right, down the steps, then turn left and head south, looking for Nine-Toes' door on the left.
1 Nine-Toes gave me some moon sugar. He says most alchemists and apothecaries won't buy it, but Khajiit generally will. He suggested Ajira at the Balmora Mages Guild and Ra'Virr, a trader in Balmora.
1 Caius says one of the Blades under his command, Warrior Rithleen, lives two houses south of Caius' house, upstairs.
1 Rithleen gave me a cuirass and helm to sell to get a few drakes for my personal training fund.
1 Caius says one of the Blades under his command, Master-at-Arms Sjorvar Horse-Mouth, lives in a guar herder's hut in the middle of nowhere west of Caldera. Caius couldn't give me good directions.
1 Sjorvar Horse-Mouth suggested I get an enchanted weapon or scrolls for exploring. Ghosts can't be harmed except by an enchanted weapon or magic. Galbedir at the Balmora Mages Guild usually has a selection. She can also enchant items, but apparently it isn't cheap.
1 Caius says one of the Blades under his command, Mage Surane Leoriane, is in Caldera, the next town north. Her half-timber-and-stone house north sits between the twin towers of the North Gate and the Governor's Hall.
1 Surane Leoriane suggested I see Llaros Uvayn at the Caldera Governor's Hall and learn the Detect Enchantment spell. It shows where enchanted items are, both in enemies, and in hidden locations.
1 Caius says one of the Blades under his command, Healer Tyermaillin, lives two houses south from Caius' house, downstairs.
1 Tyermaillin gave me his old alembic to use or sell.


  • This is not really a quest and as such will not appear under your active/finished quest listing.