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The Bladeturn Hood is a valuable piece of clothing that can be acquired by the Hero after installing the plug-in Mehrunes' Razor.


The item appears as a red Hood, and when worn, grants the Hero resistances to most standard attacks. The hood can be taken from Frathen Drothan, along with the robe Spellturn Cloak, if they loot Drothan after he is encountered and then killed by the Hero while in the Nefarivigum of the lost Ayleid city Varsa Baalim during the quest Unearthing Mehrunes' Razor.


The hood is a leveled item, and its stats reflect the level at which it was found by the Hero.

Level Base Value Weight Enchantments Apparel ID
1-4 2,601 GoldIcon 4 WeightIcon Reflect Damage 3%, Resist Normal Weapons 3%, Shield 5% xx005fd6
5-9 4,201 GoldIcon 4 WeightIcon Reflect Damage 5%, Resist Normal Weapons 5%, Shield 7% xx005fd9
10-14 5,901 GoldIcon 4 WeightIcon Reflect Damage 7%, Resist Normal Weapons 7%, Shield 10% xx005fda
15-19 8,201 GoldIcon 4 WeightIcon Reflect Damage 10%, Resist Normal Weapons 10%, Shield 12% xx005fdb
20+ 12,201 GoldIcon 4 WeightIcon Reflect Damage 15%, Resist Normal Weapons 15%, Shield 17% xx005fdc