"Chef is nearly blind, but he has a keen nose. You will get by him, I have faith."
―Blanden Grizzle[src]

Blanden Grizzle is a thief in The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey. He can be found in Delfran's Hideout, he asks the Hero to get him some juice.


Disgruntled ThiefEdit



  • "Ah... Bad business, raiding that village. Now you want blood. I was drinking on my own rather than watch Delfran gloat, but I am out of juice. If you would be willing to get me some juice from the kitchen... I will not stand in the way of your vengeance... and I tip well." —Upon first interaction
  • "Ah ha! I figured you for the trustworthy sort. I am happy not to have to kill you." —Upon returning with the Bervez juice