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"Send your spear into the heavens to bring down a shower of divine wrath, dealing __ Magic Damage to enemies in the target area and an additional __ Magic Damage each second. Also stuns one enemy for 2 seconds. While active, an ally can pick up a spear shard, restoring 25% Stamina plus additional Stamina over 10 seconds. Spear ignites ground on impact. Stuns instead of disorienting enemy."
―Skill description

Blazing Spear is a morph of the Templar ability Spear Shards in the Aedric Spear skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online.


  • Unlocked at Spear Shards Rank IV
  • Requires 1 Skill Point


  • U2: Moderately increased this ability's damage over time. [1]



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