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Otroggar says he saw a new kind of fish off the north coast. I asked if he saw it while he was drunk. He insisted that this time, he was sober.

Something other than cod, haddock, and herring would be interesting. Maybe I could even sell it in Solitude! That would be worth the trip.

Otroggar said it had a hunchback, a half-dozen fins on its belly, and a long snout with a bulbous tip. He also said it had a lot of teeth and moved fast. There was only one by the shore, but he thought he saw others farther out in deeper water.

If Otroggar wasn't as drunk as a moon-struck Khajiit, I'd say it sounds like a meat-eater. I'll bring some bait. I've caught a shark or two. I'm sure these things won't be any harder.


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