Blessings of the Eight is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Aldarch Colaste asks the Vestige to restore the defiled shrines and find out who is responsible for the horrible deed.

The Vestige sees a vision of Estre speaking with Mehrunes Dagon. He gives her some of his power and orders her to defile the shrines, then move on to Firsthold.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Restore the shrines (4)
  2. Enter the central shrine
  3. Destroy the source of corruption
  4. Speak to Aldarch Colaste
  5. Follow Aldarch Colaste
  6. Watch the vision
  7. Speak to Razum-Dar



  • Dias – Level 13 Dremora (inside the "Shrine of Magnus and Syrabane")
  • Ephae – Level 13 Dremora (inside the "Shrine of Magnus and Syrabane")



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  •  PC  : Sometimes, one will be unable to complete this quest, as the game will become fixed on the note Bending to the Flame, in the "Shrine to Trinimac and Xarxes."
  •  PC  : Sometimes, it will be impossible to enter the shrines. This bug was fixed as of Update 1.[1]