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  • Emperor Jarjarkine

    What now ?

    24 January 2015 by Emperor Jarjarkine

    Greetings. I'm Emperor Jarjarkine, TesWikian since novembre 3, 2013 .

    The situation of the Wikia is bad. We all know it. One says that we need a new administrator, one would say that we need to change the rules. One say that x is corrupt, one say that x lied to us or abused of his rights. This situation, i've seen it at least 10 time. Instead of being angry at each others, insulting everyone for no reasons and debating about everything and nothing, why not working all toghether to find a solution to solve our problem ? Because, this is no big deal.We ALL want the same thing. We want to get the TES back on it's feets. What is the problem ? we dont know how. We are currently stuck in a situation where we cannot have a new administrator because it…

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  • Madman97

    Oh, the standards of professionalism. In the brief time I have become more active in helping to determine how the wikia is to be managed with others, my past habits have been a bit of a problem, with my silly ideas and my poor execution of said silly ideas. People have labled me a troublemaker, and correctly so, and perhaps I am deserving of the consequences of plumbing the community into another ceaseless debate. For that...I apologize. But my involvement in this "crisis" situation is not yet finished. I will see the new dawn for this wikia! Ok ok, melodrama aside, this is quite a serious topic I am bringing up today. 

    Finding a new Admin was a goal everyone was united in since the beginning of the situation, and I feel that I have contrib…

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  • Madman97

    Political Agenda

    22 January 2015 by Madman97

    A very interesting conversation between me and some users in chat today, one I think the public should see. The general summary of the conversation was an argument between me an SuperSajuuk on how this wikia should be run. The actual chat is longered than what will be showed here but the following is pretty lengthy, and I want everyone to come up with their own opinion about what should be done. It's a lot to read, but I urge you to see it through. I will refrain from supporting my own view in the comments and I would kindly ask SuperSajuul and anyone else involved from supporting their own as well to keep it unbiased.

    • Ahem. So as I was going to say, what were all of you guys talking about?
    • 1:11SuperSajuukdid you see my previous message CCC?…

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    More bad news

    22 January 2015 by NOTATHALMORSPY

    Friends, I'd like to talk seriously for a moment. 

    As some of you may know, I live in Oman, just south of Saudi Arabia and east of Yemen. Not far to the north is Iraq and Syria, where the extremist group ISIL is tearing up the land and commiting genocide on a scale not seen in many years. Yesterday, President Obama of the United States gave his state of the union adress. This normally wouldn't be a big deal here, but one of the things he brought up was opening the possibility of an earnest ground-attack on the group. Normally, I'd be cheering them on. These people are monsters, who have killed thousands and demonized an entire religion in the eyes of those who don't want to see past what these people have to say. But there is one thing whic…

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  • The Rim of the Sky

    Originally I was planning on making a blog post today of why it would be better if ESO became F2P, but after seeing the news this morning that the obligatory monthly subscription was becoming optional I've decided to address the pros and cons of the decision.

    Note by what I meant for ESO to become F2P was for it to keep the one-time $60 game purchase but remove the monthly subscription to keep playing.

    Now even before this was announced there were many rumours and theories floating about that ESO would remove it's subscription all-together as recently they removed the 6-month option without notice, Australian stores were pulling their game cards and console releases (on PS4 and Xbox One which already require a monthly fee to play online) wer…

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  • SleepingIII

    According to official announcements Your Guide to ESO Plus™ Premium Membership and ESO Heads to Consoles June 9th, The Elder Scrolls® Online: Tamriel Unlimited™ is launching in March and ESO will be coming to Xbox One and Playstation 4 worldwide on June 9th, 2015.

    The launch of The Elder Scrolls® Online: Tamriel Unlimited™ means ESO is switching to "Buy to Play" with premium membership, offering premium players benefits of new in-game digital currency store, access to all DLCs and a 10% bonus to XP and gold gain, crafting research, and inspiration. The cost of premium membership is the same as the current subscription which starts at $14.99 for a 30-day period.

    Console versions will be including The Elder Scrolls® Online: Tamriel Unlimited™ at l…

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  • Rukathesoldier

    Jane Doe info: Good at farming and good with rope. Can't swim. Inexperienced in mostly everything else. Can sort of use magic

    Inventory:Shovel, rope, leather tunic, farm clothes(equipped), hair tie(still equipped.), Silver axe (Enchanted and named Morgen), 350 septims

    Calvus' inventory: Clothes(equipped), chainmail armor, steel sword, gold ring(equipped)

    Calvus info: Good at lifting heavy things and hauling items short distances. Has lots of experience repairing and maintaining weapons and armor. Good swimmer. Fast runner. Not many combat skills.

    Fenrik inventory: Iron axe, Clothes (no shirt because it was used to stop Lysona's bleeding)(equipped)

    Fenrik info: Physically strong and can take a beating even without armor. Can intimidate even the …

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  • Garfield133

    My current Skyrim Life

    20 January 2015 by Garfield133

    Hey guys just going to sumerize what i've done in skyrim the past few days. 

    My character Garfield (Kajit) Is curently doing quests, killing random creatures that try to kill me, and upgrading my smithing. I have just recently competed building my house at lakeveiw manor. Sorry if i spelt that wrong. If any of you have any sugestions on what i should do next, where is should go next, or just any helpful advice to improve my charcater please let me know. 

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  • Bormah

    The Saga of Ysmuth

    20 January 2015 by Bormah

    Turdas 8th of Hearthfire

        It had been a long journey and one that Ysmuth would be glad to conclude. He soet out from the Inperial City 3 weeks ago when his brother sent word of his parents illness. He set up camp and intended to cross the border into Skyrim to see his dying parents the next day.

        As he finishes camp set up he hears a rustle int he woods and a stick snap. "Who goes there? Show yourself," he shouts as he grabs his greatsword and prepares for battle. A few moments pass and all he hears is a soft breeze rustling the leaves on the trees. You look around again and turn around just in time to see a cave troll charge into the camp and destroy his tent. Ysmuth barely jumps out of the way in time and the troll turns around insta…

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  • AAAGamer110


    20 January 2015 by AAAGamer110


    AAAGamer110 (talk) 10:07, January 20, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Madman97

    Be honest with yourselves. Would any of these policy change threads and discussions be happening if I hadn't come back and lit the fuse by stating what a poor condition the wikia was in? Ok ok, I am sure it has been on all of your minds for a while now and you just needed someone to say something, but I have to say, I am quite proud to be along for the ride in yet another great wikia event that will determine its history. In my last blog, I noted the many great events that took place since I joined this website in the summer of 2013, along with a majority of the old dogs you see here, who I like to call the Generation X of the website, with anyone coming afterward in the summer of '14 being the Generation Y. These events in order are:


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  • Dragonborn1809


    19 January 2015 by Dragonborn1809

    Hi everybody, yeah it's me again ! I've made the decision that I will only be writing blogs on various topics, because I really enjoy writing and interacting with you guys through comments. Ask me any question, and I will try answer it! I need new ideas on my next blog, what should I write about? I'm looking for something interesting, probably not well known to most players? If you have any ideas please comment! I'd also like to know what you skyrim players think of my blogs so far? I'd really appreciate any advice, tips or criticism. I won't be replying to harsh, disrespectful comments however, good and helpful comments I will happily reply to.

    Now I was asked to write a little bit about The Civil War, and what my views are about the Storm…

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  • Dragonborn1809

    Hey my fellow Skyrim fans, or first time Skyrim players. I have written a blog before about your favourite missions and why, and today I will be asking a different question: what is your character like?

    Come on, deep inside we all have 'that story' behind our character. What do they look like? What are their goals? What are they good at? What do you think their past was like? Just comment and tell me a little about your character, absolutely anything! Just please respect others views and opinions!

    My character is a Khajit female and her name is Alaska. She is a member if The Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood and The Companions as well as the StormCloak Rebellion. Lock picking skills are very high, along with light armour and archery. Pick pock…

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  • Dragonborn1809

    Hey my fellow skyrim fans, it's me again and I'm writing yet another blog to find out more about you guys! I was thinking about what this blog should be about, and what I should ask you guys? So I'm going to ask you guys a bit about your character?

    I know many players have multiple saves, with various characters and stories. I think I've only got three different datas, but I use one more than the others. I'll be telling you about my character in this particular data...

    Well she is a Nord female with a few scars, dirt, brown hair and is slightly muscular, but not heavily as she is a thief in the Thieves guild. Her name is Aniease and she is married to a bounty hunter. Right now, she is living within Whiterun as I really do prefer the Breeze H…

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  • Pelinal Whitestrake

    Hello. As many users of this wiki already are aware of the fact that there is a large discussion about the future of this wiki, espescially in regards to it's current and future governments, policies and the actions necessary to enforce them, I have decided to provide a blog about the situation in which I will also state my opinion on the matter in reflect to surrounding situations and opinions. The entire current affair's reason for existance can be tracked back to the resignation of the only active system operators, Ghost Anubis, EbonySkyrim and TombRaiser and the controversial blocking of the user SuperSajuuk conducted by the administrator Kennyannydenny and based upon the repeated breaking of policies stating the requirements and terms…

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  • Timeoin

    The Elder Scrolls Wiki

    17 January 2015 by Timeoin

    This is a blog post that I am not keen on writing - but it's one that I think, in light of recent events - is one that must be written.

    (Also, apologies - this may get a bit rambly in nature. I have had very little sleep, due to this problem).

    In the last day, we've had a few editors (and Administrators) leave the site. We most certainly will miss EbonySkyrim, GhostAnubis, and TombRaiser.

    I've spoken to them, and been unable to convince them to join for now - that's okay though. That's their choice, and if they need to go/take a break - that's okay. They may come back further on down the track - or they may not. And that's okay too. Their contributions have been invaluable. 

    That said - they are not the first editors (or administrators) to have …

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  • Pelinal Whitestrake

    This blog's primary reason for existance is to analyze what led to the currently 'dead' state of this Wiki and maybe give some insight as to how the community can prevent such a thing to happen in the future.

    As some of you readers may already know, today (1/16/15) our two only active system operators, Ghost Anubis and EbonySkyrim, resigned. 

    This marks an unfortunate and sad day for the Wiki. Even though I have only been here for roughly a year, I have met several other Users who were significantly earlier already active. I know of them that the Wiki used to be in a somewhat chaotic state previously, something which calmed a bit down towards late 2013 and early 2014. When I first joined, the only really noticeable drama was contained within…

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  • Darien1234


    15 January 2015 by Darien1234

    if you ever want to know how to have unlimited shouts, magic, or stamina or how to be invisible forever, bring back anything from the dead permantly or have ridiculously high amor rating and so much more basically anything with out moding your game let me know

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  • Kool Khajiit

    TES-Inspired Music :D

    10 January 2015 by Kool Khajiit

    Whassup :D

    Just wanted to share a few TES-inspired pieces I made. Check it out, I'd love to hear your opinions on this :D

    Daedric Music Box (2014)

    The New Kingdoms (2015) (WIP)

    It would be great if you gave it a listen.

    Peace :D

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  • D0S1981

    OK, so we all know by now about Elder Scrolls Online, and im sure most of us have played Skyrim (if not, then you must leave that rock you live under in Morrowind and quest to the nearest game store to purchase or Loot a copy companion optional) .

    The thing is not all of us gamers like to play Online, believe it or not some of us still prefer to play singleplayer....i know it sounds crazy, maybe even an outriht lie, but i swear its true. Now i havent played ESOnline because im not a fan of mmo's, i have and do play them, i enjoy GTA Online, and i cool little free to play called Dead Frontier. But just like reading a good novel, theres nothing i like more than becoming emmersed in my own little world, feeling like it was m…

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  • Counder

    A young Wood Elf who saw gold and property in the snowy lands of Skyrim, with it's bearded Nords and it's unforgiveable creatures. As Counder braves the trek to Skyrim he is Caught in something he never thought that he would be in. Counder faces many creatures and many quests to go on, as well as changes in his personallity.!-- Below are optional. Erase if unneeded-->

    Counder chooses light armour over many other types, he is an archer.

    Counder is alive during the reign of the last Dragonborn, as he is Dovahkiin.

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  • Madman97

    Many of you who are new here probably have no clue who I am or probably won't be bothered to read this (Or even be on the blog page in this part of the wikia) but trust me when I say that this used to be a pretty hype domain that I was practically ruler of for a brief period of time, and I'm here to put some perspective in your fresh new user minds (Meaning any users that have joined this wikia recently and look to get involved). I've had my friends and my enemies. Before you leave, this isn't a memoir of my time here. Don't worry, sappy origin story is almost done. I started this profile on the June of 2013. Many of the mods you may see in chat or the Admins also started to crop up around that time. Call us the generation X of this wikia,…

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  • Zippertrain85

    So, it's a New Year and what better way to start it, without an analogy for how the Great War happened. It is based off of the internet thing where WW1 is based off of a barfight, thought that for something that happened in the games it might be awesome. So let us begin! 

    It starts off with the Cyrodiil having some drinks with it's buddies Skyrim, High Rock, and Hammerfell. They are all kind of hungover from a super party that the they all took part in a while ago, while Hammerfell is wasted from getting drunk the night before. Skyrim & High Rock however seem to be sociable and in better condition. Morrowind is alone, still recovering from some food poisoning it got, and from Black Marsh stealing all their liquor. 

    The Summerset Isles is sit…

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  • Ya-lady-tauriel


    29 December 2014 by Ya-lady-tauriel

    It's been a while since I played the game, and I'm feeling the lack. (The game being Skyrim.) I miss the snow, though there's plenty of it on the ground here. I guess it's companionship, too. There's always someone with you in Skyrim to talk to and to fight for you. I'm all about that. 

    For the past three years, Skyrim has been a major part of my holiday break, but that's changed due to personal stuff. I've been playing Portal 2 and Mass Effect and Dragon Age: Origins lately, but there's something homey and warm about Skyrim, and I miss that, too. It looks like a holiday, y'know? And I'd like to take my holiday break in Markarth or Solitude over anywhere on Earth, for sure. 

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  • Zippertrain85

    So, there's been talk on the chat occasionally with the lore experts, over one of Tamriel's most famous figures, Tiber Septim. Some argue he was a menace who brought nothing but pain & suffering to land of Tamriel, while others claim he is a hero who is responsible for many wonderful things. 

    It's about time the pros and cons of Tiber be discussed so that more of the Elder Scrolls fanbase can be education on who he was, and see what THEY think of him! 

    Let us begin!

    Tiber Septim was responsible for the Empire of Tamriel, which technically is still reigning and is arguably, still trying to perserve prosperity all around. The Empire brought the land into a golden age, where the feuds of multiple kingdoms were no more and peace was lasting, that…

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  • TheBrandOfDeath

    when are we gonna start off the rp

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  • Shane for Wax

    I remade one of my first Skyrim characters named Soryn (he's a Companion/werewolf Stormcloak and is a Nord). I also made one of my characters from Mass Effect, Commander (Shane) Shepard (she'a a modded race and will be joining the Imperials). I'm rather excited to get back into playing. It takes a while to get used to the controls again.

    Here is Soryn! He is modded with the High Res Face Maps for Men mod .

    Here is Shane Shepard! 

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  • Lexi skyrim killies

    herrro my gammer tag is


    or was it


    I am not to sure but if your are to send a invite try them both just in case xoxo ^3^ --Lexi skyrim killies (talk) 03:15, December 22, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Dovahkiin47800

    An Ideal TES Game

    14 December 2014 by Dovahkiin47800

    Hello, random person reading this. today I'm going to talk about the ideal elder scrolls 6. I'm also going to separate the category. Ex: story, place, and lore. So, I shouldn't hold you up anymore, read on. V


    Personally, Skyrim's story was my favorite and it gave me that feeling it was norse mythology. Sadly, that's never going to happen. It should take place in a second great war, the AD vs the Empire. You could choose either side and you can actually lose the war. You will start out in a Thalmor torture room. When you are about to be interrogated, an imperial mage comes by (the place was under attack) and kills the torturer. He sets you free and so on.


    The location of TES 6 is rumored to be in the Black Marsh and Elswyr, but I…

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  • SleepingIII

    The latest the Road Ahead has been published. In the article, game director Matt Firor says they have done a lot since launch and the game is much better than it was at launch. In the future, they're bringing ESO to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2015, and one of the largest updates (Update 6) will hit Public Test Server in January. In the meantime they'll continue bringing small patches to the game.

    Update 6 will be including the Champion System and the Justice System, both have been discussing for a few months. The Champion System is a new post-level 50 system that aims to replace the Veteran System which will be including Champion Passives and many ability changes. For Justice System, they will introduce the PvE elements first, including …

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  • Dragonborn1809

    Hey everybody! Right so I wrote a blog literally a few minutes ago, and I said I'm going to write about the horse well to be quite honest I'm sure everybody knows about the horse, but if you don't, I've written an article about one a few days ago. So what I decided to do was ask everybody what their favourite quest or mission was? Please comment and tell me it, as well as why? What characters were involved? What was the point of the mission? Did you gain any skills doing this mission? Please note: It can be a side mission, something small, as long as you provide a reason for your answer xx My favourite mission is most probably The Silver Hand quest, where you have to go and kill all the silver hands in the abandoned fort, straight after b…

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  • Dragonborn1809

    Hi everyone! I've been playing Skyrim for a while now, and I really enjoy it. I have decided to create a blog on which I talk about Skyrim, have a few discussions and write about various topics, animals, enemies, quests and many other subjects which relate to Skyrim. This is my first Blog, so I'm sorry if it doesn't turn out too well. xxx Please feel free to ask any questions and comment !!

    So on my first blog page, I'll be talking about my one if my favourite animals right now within Skyrim is the Dog. The dog is a loyal creature within Skyrim, and when bought, will accompany your character faithfully. The Dog is a strong animal, but not extremely clever, sometimes walking off cliff edges for example. They have a very annoying issue of get…

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  • Nahkriin X

    The Hunt - Morokei

    2 December 2014 by Nahkriin X

    It had been three weeks since I had obtained Krosis. It sits upon my endtable in my house, but Nahkriin stayed on my person. It had to. There may or may not be a connection between all of those masks.

    In my journey to Winterhold's College, I was approached by Savos Aren, its Arch-Mage. He asked of me to either show some magical prowess, or leave. I did him one better. Pulling out Nahkriin, I explained to him that I could in fact use magic, but not very well without the mask.

    "So there are others," he said to me. "I have a task for you." He pulled a giant object from his inventory and handed it to me. "Open the Labrynthian. In there is an old enemy that I need you to...get rid of."

    "What's in it for me?" I asked him. "I suppose that you've nev…

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  • Llamas are cool

    im making a seris o videos where i make a huge map and if you give a suggestion for a building you will get in the video of building the

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  • Morrowind for llamas

    Llama paradise

    30 November 2014 by Morrowind for llamas

    I'm making a map for morrowind and give me ideas for the buildings suggestions will be in the video

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  • Morrowind for llamas

    Give me ideas for my modded island and your name will be in my videos series where I show the new addition

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  • Morrowind for llamas

    Mod island

    30 November 2014 by Morrowind for llamas

    I'm working on a modded island and I would like you guys to give suggestions to what goes on the island

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  • Deads26

    When was the first time?

    30 November 2014 by Deads26

    Hello everyone! I figure for my first blog I would ask you all when was the first time you heard of the Elder Scrolls game?

    If you could follow this format, it would be appreciated, though not necessary. 

    • When was the first time you heard of TES?
    • When did you buy your first game of TES?
    • Thoughts on TES when you first heard about it?

    I'll start off first!

    • When was the first time you heard of TES? 2006


    • When did you buy your first game of TES? I bought Skyrim for the first time last year, December 2013, but I've played it numerous times before after staying with my sister and her bf. However, in 2012 I was given an copy of Oblivion from my parents friend whose bf did not like the game. So I decided to play it (at this point, I've complet…

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  • Pirate Dog

    Hello Everyone!

    29 November 2014 by Pirate Dog

    Hey guys! Decided to write this blog. I just want to say right now that this wiki is awesome, I am trying to improve the Arena section (and Daggerfall). But, you have no idea how many times I came here for a quest walkthrough. I will write again later, I'm a bit busy.

    Later! --Pirate Dog

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  • WerepirE Legendry lord

    Vampiires in skyrim, when you get the effects (Not going into detail cus this is the 3rd time ive wrote this) will make you burn in the sunlight, not regen health, stamina in the sunlgiht. So be careful.

    Hope this helps, Thanks

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  • EbonySkyrim

    50.000 and going...

    24 November 2014 by EbonySkyrim

    The day came sooner than I expected but here I am again writing a blog about it. This marks the 50.000 + 2 edits I've done on this wiki. I did this last night my time, but I decided to wait until today to mention it. This time I also have an image of it.

    I will once again thank all my fellow wikians I have come to know here, I have really enjoyed every minute of it.

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  • Zippertrain85


    19 November 2014 by Zippertrain85

    Hello everyone, it's about time this is announced. I am going on Hiatus, this might last until tomorrow, a week, maybe a couple years, or longer, but I do think a blog about it would be acceptable. 

    So I first really started looking at this place for information in mid 2012. Usually regarding Skyrim, from the articles here, I learned about characters, lore, etc. I loved it, it made me start to really appriciate the series and inspired me to want to play more of it. As an anon user here, I made a couple minors changes to pages, and I didn't really know a ton about editing Wikis. Here and UESP became the places I searched for my info for TES on, and it was cool! But than I noticed they had a blog community here, one where the Civil War got di…

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  • Nahkriin X

    The Hunt - Krosis

    19 November 2014 by Nahkriin X

    Alduin was dead. Tsun and I saw to that ourselves. He taught me the Thu'um to go back to Tamriel and I used it.

    The next thing I knew, I was back home in Whiterun, but I wasn't done with my quest. Skyrim had a civil war to win, the Stormcloaks were counting on me. Winterhold has a college that I need to get back to. Lydia wants children. Not until I get Hearthfire. And a black warrior stood at the Town Gate, but every time I get a good glimpse of him, he's gone. A whisper carries a sound on the wind, always hissing "Eighty, Boy. Eighty.".

    Walking into my home, I recognized two things: One was that Lydia was not there. Another was that the Dwarven sword I mounted on the wall was also gone.

    "Damn it," I said to myself, and went out the way I ca…

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  • Nahkriin X

    The Hunt

    18 November 2014 by Nahkriin X

    It all started when I went to the portal to Sovngarde. A being flew above my head, carrying a staff and sporting a mysterious mask. He shot fireballs at a rapid pace, and was hard to kill. Getting through him would be my only way to Sovngarde to kill Alduin.

    But I wasn't thinking about Alduin while I was fighting the being. I wanted its mask.

    After a deadly battle, I seized its mask and staff, and portalled into Sovngarde. Through the space-time continuum, I inspected the ornament. It was grey, with stylish etchings, but it was impossible to see through. What kind of person could have worn this? I put it on and could surprisingly see in it. Not only that, but a relaxing feeling worked itself through my veins. This could only be magical, I tho…

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  • The Milkman

    Saga of Rex

    18 November 2014 by The Milkman

    Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I recently completed a Let's Play series in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The LP itself focuses on the story of Rex, a poor Argonian living in the Windhelm docks, who is forced out of his home and into the most treacherous parts of Skyrim on a mission to deliver a book to Solitude. Along the way, he'll hone his survival skills, discover the meaning of friendship, and learn what it means to be a true hero.

    Be sure to out the playlist of background music I made for the series here. Click on each image below to go to each part of the story.

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  • Lordkenyon


    18 November 2014 by Lordkenyon

    I am too proud to just fade away, so I'm posting this explanation as to why I'm done RPing.

    Firstly, I do not quite have the time to invest in this anymore. Real life has caught up to me, and is giving me a good beating for evading it for so long. I have too much to do, and nothing close to enough time to do it.

    Rping just isn’t fun for me anymore. It used to be a great way to relieve stress and make friends, but now it honestly just bores and annoys me. There are a myriad of reasons why, and I will try to list all of them.

    1. no one really interacted with my characters. While I am definitely to blame in part for this, there seemed to be a general disinterest in my characters and the stories I created for them, and made RPing seem rather lonely …

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  • SpiderMatty

    Pretty much the title.

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  • Skyrim90000


    16 November 2014 by Skyrim90000

    hello im skyrim90000 a not so new user i am an expart on skyrim please ask if you are wording anything

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  • Draevan13

    So in ESO we finally got to visit Black Marsh, and finally learned what the Argonians are like, more about their physiology, culture and beliefs. I decided to make this post to compile what we've learned so far. I'll probably forget a few things so I'll update this post if I do.

    When an Argonian dies, their soul travels into the Hist trees, thus they pass on their memories to each new generation. However, it was shown that the memories can be lost in the "river's current", the passage of time, but if the knowledge is vital it will be recovered by the Hist. This is shown when the Hissmir Hist shows the inhabitants how to use Hist Amber to power the city's defenses against a Dominion attack. What is not explained is what happens if an Argonia…

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  • Neizir


    • TESO, ESO, ES Online, TES Online - The Elder Scrolls Online.
    • ZOS, ZOE, Zeni - Zenimax Online Studios, the developers of ESO. Sometimes mistaken as Zenimax Online Entertainment, a company that does not exist.
    • Noob - A new or an unskilled player, sometimes both, and the latter is used more often by the community.
    • MMO, MMOG, MMORPG - Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Role Playing Game (RPG)
    • DK - Dragonknight
    • NB - Nightblade
    • Sorc - Sorcerer
    • Temp - Templar
    • BRB - Be right back. Used when one is going away from their computer for a period of less than 5 minutes.
    • AFK - Away from Keyboard. Used when one is going away from their computer for a period of more than 5 minutes.
    • GTG - Got to go. Used when one goes away from the computer for either the rest…
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