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    The Rim of the Sky

    As reported by Polygon, Bethesda, the developers of the Elder Scrolls games, have announced they will have a partnership with Titan Books to make real physical books based on lore from The Elder Scrolls Online and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

    They are planned to come out on March 2015, and contain "specially commissioned, never-before-seen pieces of art" framed by "in-game lore".

    More info can be found here from Polygon and here from the Official Bethesda blog.

    • The Elder Scrolls Online: Tales of Tamriel - Vol. I: The Land
    • The Elder Scrolls Online: Tales of Tamriel - Vol. II: The Lore

    • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Skyrim Library, Vol. I: The Histories
    • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Skyrim Library, Vol. II: Men, Mer, and Best
    • The Elder Scroll…

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    21 October 2014 by Cincolm

    How's everybody doing? I had an original blog post which was not bad to say the least but I accidentally refreshed the page by pressing the wrong button. I had written loads, but I can't be bothered to write it all again. GRRRR!

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    Stendarr God of Justice & Mercy

    Hello. Many of you may remember me. Stendarr God of Justice & Mercy. I had been perma-banned a couple months back. I would like to request permission to re-enter Chat--as the title pretty much says. My archnemesis is, apparently, long gone, now. That gives me a HUGE opportunity to prove that I am much better than before. I've taken time to be with my friends irl. They helped me grow. I'm much more calmed, now. I am much more laxed. I am more mature, now.

    I would like only the Admins and people who actually frequent the Chat(whether new or old) to Vote.

    Thank you all for taking the time to read this and vote on this. Whatever your guys' majority vote, I shall respect it.

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    Raven Giordano

    Now I want to start of saying i'm not sure if this would work as a mod but whatever.

    So the basic idea is pretty much 'Dragonborn time hops or whatever to a modern version of Skyrim.'

    Ok, sound cool? Stupid? I ask that you hold of on making an opinion until I explain more. I'll be honest here though, there's still a lot of things I haven't thought out yet.

    So the whole thing would start with the Dragonborn reciveing a leter from like I dunno some mage guy or something. Why are you involved? You're the Dragonborn it's like in your job description to get involved in everything. So anyway he wants you to meet him somewhere (figured it'd be his house or a new dungeon that he claims has odd magical...something). You show up and see him looking ove…

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    The Milkman

    The Saga of Rex

    20 October 2014 by The Milkman

    Hey guys, just wanted to make a quick blog post about a sort of image-based LP thing I did for Skyrim, Saga of Rex The Saga of Rex. Basically it just details the adventures I go on as my new Argonian character. I know I haven't written a lot a blog posts recently, so hopefully some of you who enjoy reading some of my stuff can enjoy that! :)


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    So there's a lot of talk and speculation going around that TES VI is going to take place in Argonia (Black Marsh) the homeland of the Argonians. Now honestly, I'm not sure how true this is but I do have some opinions on it.


    So, I do think some awesome things could come out of a TES VI located in Argonia, one such is learning more about Sithis, the Dark Brotherhood, and Argonian lore! Most of these things have barely been touched upon in other TES games, as they were more focused on the Man races mostly and the lore involving them, occasionally discussing the Mer ones. But Argonians and their culture have gotten little lore put into them, that we know. With a game in their very land, the amounts us Lore Fans could learn would be through …

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    SwornKnight Timeline

    18 October 2014 by SwornKnight

    1E 2669:

    -Liefde Mannick is born

    1E 2698:

    -Liefde Mannick has produced a large debt and six illegitimate children

    -Liefde Mannick leaves with Jon Sorick and Orys Greensorrow to become pirates

    1E 2703:

    -Akaviri Dragonguard invades Tamriel

    -Liefde Mannick subjugates several Dragonguard ships and is coined the name Miura Anjin

    4E 170:

    -Aelius Macer joins the Imperial Military

    4E 171:


    -The Great War begins

    4E 175:

    -The Great War ends

    -The White-Gold Concordat is signed

    -Grand Imperial Battlemage and High Lord Imperial Chancellor Lucius Fabia resigns

    -Legate Aelius Macer is appointed Battlemage and Chancellor

    4E 201:

    Last Seed:

    -Ulfric Stormcloak, several Stormcloak rebels, a Nord horse thief and the Dragonborn are captured by the Imperial Legion and ta…

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    16 October 2014 by Brian.hughes23

    im a new wiki member and whuld like some help from anyone so please help thanks

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    Video Games

    16 October 2014 by Tommore

    Kizi 10 - Top Kizi Games Online -  New Adventures trucks and young men is interesting. Your goal is to load boxes into a truck in a Certain order.

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    TES VI Location confirmed!

    15 October 2014 by Owleero

    For anyone who doesn't know, Black Marsh, the home of the Argonians, has recently been confirmed as the setting for the next Elder Scrolls game.

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    Update 5 is available for test on Public Test Server. This update offers improvements, changes, new features including:
    • Veteran City of Ash
    • Improved Facial Animations
    • Veteran Rank Improvements
    • Dungeon and Solo Scaling
    • Undaunted Enclaves and Pledges
    • Crafting Certification, Writs and Survey Reports
    • New Crafting Style: Dwemer
    • Chat Bubbles
    • Skills Updates
    • Dungeons and Quests Fixes

    Full update list can be read here.

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    Skyrim Ned

    I think the game skyrim pretty cool because you can do so much, and everything you do can have such example you end up in prison, and I think the graphics are really great only because the only minus point is that some ps3 he quite disturbing and sometimes moments of worry that fail (if you know what I mean)

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    Lord of elsweyr


    13 October 2014 by Lord of elsweyr

    trying to figure this out

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    I've playing a lot of Skyrim lately, since that's the only game I have that's worth playing. So as of late, I'm trying to find a best fitting character to fit a pairing for a story I'm making on fanfiction and not only that of course, for my gaming experience as well, marriageable if possible for my character, if not then that'll be just in the fanfiction then. I might go with my character being an Argonian or a Khajit this time around since my first character is a female Nord werewolf whose married to Aela. I don't want to marry Aela anymore since I already married her with my first character, so can anyone give me a suggestion who seems fitting? The only known guard that I know and that could fit my story is the Legate but I don't really…

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    Hello, lore-novice/loremasters. This blog is dedicated to the idea of Anu and Padomay, having a third counterpart. This counterpart has been in our faces for so long-The Numidium.

    Anu is the aspect of the dreamer, the godhead, and order. His shards and sphere are very critical, and represent a greater good. Most of the mortals with his aspects or concepts are hailed as heroes.

    Padomay is the aspect of the dream, the nightmare, and chaos. His shards and sphere are very random, and represent the unbalance of the universe. Most of the mortals with his aspects or concepts are hailed as villains.

    Then, we have the one and one Numidium. (Well, one of two.)

    Numidium shows a display of some high-rooted power, as he is able to erase entire races from e…

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    So, as many of you know I am a huge supporter of the Stormcloak rebellion. However, I think it should be noted not everything the Stormcloaks do are right. And, I want to get rid of this notion Imperials seem to have, that I think the Stormcloaks are the best.

    The Stormcloaks and Nords have issues with Alcohol and other intoxicating drinks

    This is true, the Nords have always been big on having good ale before a battle. The Stormcloaks would likely be no exception, and Alcohol does not really do good things for soldiers who are supposed to follow orders and whatnot. This could mean, leading charges, protecting towns, and all that would be much more difficult if a huge amount of the soldiers simply drink constantly. It also might mean the sold…

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    I have no idea what im supposed to put here but um... i played skyrim for 13 hours straight by accident today n-n oops haha

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    So if I were trying to fit TES lore into it's best real world setting, we have to establish two things:

    1. Tamriel is largely Indo-European in nature, seemingly encompassing the Alexandian/Roman Empires, although displays multiple anachronisms of different factions existing factions that were not chronologically contiguous.

    2. There are hints of multiple cultures blended into each TES race, sometimes anachronistically. The Elder Scrolls is a fantasy series, after all. This means that no one cultural label will completely fit. That's how it should be.

    With those settled, I surmised the following, attempting to keep each race at least somewhat centred in the Alexandrian/Roman Empires.

    Men = European:

    A. Imperials = Roman. This is easy to fit as t…

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    I've been wondering about TES VI recently.

    What do you fine people think will be included? I'm curious.

    Personally I'm hoping for Black Marsh , or maybe Elsweyr.

    Respect other people's opinions and speculations here- don't deride anything as stupid because you think it won't happen.

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    Ghost Anubis

    Alright so I'm not much of a blogger, & have only made one other blog besides this which was deleted lol. However, I have just hit the 10k edit mark on the wiki & I feel that I should look back on what I have done to reach this point so here goes.

    I joined the wiki in December of last year, & became a chat mod a month later, but didn't start editing the mainspace until early February. I was nominated by Sky Above,Voice Within a month later & became a patroller for the first time in March, & ended up resigning and going on hiatus for several months in early April. I later returned in mid July to become a member of the community once more.

    I started being active here again & catching up with some old friends, & remaining active in the chat. Th…

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    my birthday yieah

    28 September 2014 by Drafinizer
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    First Blog

    25 September 2014 by Hybrid-Lucario

    First blog...why is there a blog on a wiki I don't know...

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    In the beginning

    25 September 2014 by Cpt.Zod

    In the beginning there was arena then daggerfall and so on and so forth but now there is skyrim. So what I plan on doing is doing a YouTube series on it and most of the main quest lines so if anyone reading this has an idea on the first quest I should do after the main one then let me know.

    ~Cpt. Zod

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    Blog Help

    25 September 2014 by TheNorthernStark

    This is my first blog and I thought I may need some help if I am to write another one.

    Reader when you get the chance please leave a few tips on what I should do if I make another blog with a real purpose.

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    Emperor Jarjarkine


    Emperor Jarjarkine

    Wiki Questions

    • Interviewer: Shall we proceed ?
    • chose to holler the Scholar.
    • Interviewer: Hé hé
    • Scholy: Well this is my 2nd most anticipated interview, next to my (hopefully) upcoming job interview :D
    • Interviewer: So first of all,

    How did you joined the wikia ?

    • Scholy:Zippertrain85 persuaded me to come here.

    This was back when we were Stormcloak to the bone. I came intending to debate at first.

    • Interviewer: hum

    Did you started to edit after this debate ?

    • Scholy:Yes I did start editing a bit
    • Interviewer:were you shy ?
    • Scholy: Well, yes I would say I was quite a bit shy with my edits. XD
    • Interviewer: well anyone is eh ? :P
    • Scholy: I only really corrected grammar and spelling mistakes at first.

    Little things like …

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    The 40.000 k blog

    19 September 2014 by EbonySkyrim

    I'm not the one that usually create blogs. Besides the one for ESO a while ago, it's been some time since my last. But as our fellow Timeoin said to me here I need to do this as he did here. So here goes:
    Some days ago I hit the 40.000 k mark, this you can say is a milestone, although I don't keep track of those on my profile. It's hard to believe I have done so much on this wiki since I joined in the last day of January 2012. It was a slow start as I had just discovered the Elder Scrolls series with Skyrim when it was released at the end of 2011. I came to this wiki to get help as I was not used to this type of gameplay, and haven't left since.

    I started with adding images as some may know, but then with a tremble in my hands tried to edit …

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    Q&A: Answers

    18 September 2014 by Zippertrain85

    Well, all your questions have been seen by me, and I can answer them now. So get your popcorn, and enjoy learning about Everyone's Favorite (maybe not everyone) Blogger & Stormcloak! 

    From ShawnHowellsCP: Q: Why are you such a massive fag?

    As Dark Jeto said, this is an Akronym for Fairly Awesome Dude, Idk Shawn, I just am.

    From Drakwind: Which part of the train is the zipper on? 

    Well Drak, the Zipper, is on the 85th section of the train, and if unzipped would cause ten thousand Zippertrain85s to jump out and start converting people to the Stormcloaks, so, for all the site Imperials, try and not ask too much about it! 

    From Datadragon Odahviing: Who do you hate the most in this wiki? (Honestly...)

    There are many different people on this wiki one…

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    Hi you mat know this but The Megan Hultz Wiki was just updated and user name Murky Night is in it. I just have one thing to say about it how could you be so rude what did that kid ever do to you my god

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    Name: Kartan

    Race: Khajit

    Gender: Male

    Age: 35

    Appearance: Clad in dark blue assasin ROBES, complete with hood and chestplate which consists of light black colored leather and reinforced with ebony. Has same armoe on legs aswell as his strong bracers. He has a black scarf covering the bridge of his nose and everything under that. His fur is pure black, and his eyes are emerald green.

    Spells(Max 8): Invisibility, Muffle, detect life, CLOSE wounds, bound bow, telekinesis, bound sword.

    Powers(Racial + 1): Extremely agile (Khajit roots), night vision

    Equipment: A pair of Ebony daggers for close combat and as primary weapon he conjures a sword or a bow he counts on his stealthynes alot and rarely gets seen in battle unless inevitably necessary. He use…

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    ES6 Possibilities

    16 September 2014 by U.F.B.

    So a lot of people are guessing at the setting of TES6, so I'm basically going to adress that and then some.


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    Thumb's nail

    15 September 2014 by Joker0002710

    There is something that I don't understand. The Black hand was made of four speakers(fingers) and a Listener(thumb).

    Every speaker had a silencer(nail). But did the Lister have his own silencer who carried out contracts for him? If anyone know tell me in the comments. Thank you.

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    Vivyrtha wears her black hair long, it stops about halfway down her back. She has bright green eyes and has a somewhat slim build. She wears hoodless robes similiar to those worn by Thalmor Justiciars, but they are clearly different. She is about the same height as most of her fellow altmer, and her skin tone is slightly darker than that of most High Elves. She has a calm and collected demeanor, which is surprising given her past.

    Vivyrtha's parentage is unknown to all but her, and she has gone to extensive lengths to bury her past in a grave of lies and facades. She fled the Summerset Isles two decades after the Thalmor assumed control, and certain Dominion authorities believe they have discovered that she once was part of an Altmer Terror…

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    It has come to my attention that the Administrators and Ghost Anubis have the ever-so bright idea to remove the RP board because it "Spams the activity feed". First off, I would like to say CP wiki had a far more active mainspace and a startlingly low Spam/Vandalising rate. You know why? Because they had administrators and patrollers who did their job and fixed it. This RP board removal was thought of by the admins, and could have been avoided if they did their job well. This was proven by, as I said, Creepypasta wiki.

    If the RP board is to be removed, we would lose an extreme amount of users of the wiki, whom have been called "Useless" because they do not edit mainspace by a few friendly speakers. This is completely wrong. Normal users are…

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    It has come to my attention that the Administrators and Ghost Anubis have the ever-so bright idea to remove the RP board because it "Spams the activity feed". First off, I would like to say CP wiki had a far more active mainspace and a startlingly low Spam/Vandalising rate. You know why? Because they had administrators and patrollers who did their job and fixed it. This RP board removal was thought of by the admins, and could have been avoided if they did their job well. This was proven by, as I said, Creepypasta wiki.

    If the RP board is to be removed, we would loose an extreme amount of users of the wiki, whom have been called "Useless" because they do not edit mainspace by a few friendly speakers. This is completely wrong. Normal users ar…

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    Ant'lyndaer Barri'ana

    Something about internet "authority" figures bothers me.

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    Q&A: Questions

    8 September 2014 by Zippertrain85

    So, let's have a Q&A! If anyone has questions for myself that you've always wanted to get an answer to, or just want to ask me anything this is your perfect time. The Questions can range from Skyrim, to Movies, to Wikis, to even myself, all is welcome in this. 

    So, lemme explain how this Q&A will work, a user can go to the comments and ask any questions they want (or as many as they want), and in some time, I will answer all the questions. If I do not get enough questions though, I might have to make some up myself, so make sure to make a few, so next blog can be a decent length. Be creative, and don't leave purposely antagonistic questions, thanks. :) 

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    The Status of the Chat

    8 September 2014 by Madman97

    Look out, Madman97 is doing political commentary again. Hide yo wife, hide yo kids. But to add salt to the wound, Dave is with me! How are you Dave?

    Dave: Bored. And no one wll probably read this.

    Madman97: Exactly, and that's exactly what this blog is for. Because, yet again, there are problems with the chat. Dave, take it away.

    Dave: I've largely lost interest in the Blog Critic thing after less and less readers have been tuning in and my job has prohibited me from doing much else but I decided I needed closure and needed to do one last blog with our madman here. About a week and a half ago, I entered chat to find it as it always has been. A rabble of argumentative instigators, including Madman here. 

    Madman97: And I like it that way. Howeve…

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    Emperor Jarjarkine

    Interviewer's presentation

    Emperor Jarjarkine is going to be the interviewer today !...w.. well I know, I know, it is the usual but I like this title ಠ_ಠ...damn ;( anyway ! For those who don't know what are the interviews, it is a project I created to have fun here and to help in my way. When I first started, I didn't think it would be so popular. So i owe this blog's popularity to you all ! Thx alot TES Wikian ! There will be fiew news for this interviews. Depending of the feedback, i'll continue like that. So now you have a tabber. You can read the differents part of the interview more easly.

    Wiki Questions=
    • Interviewer: So first of all....How are you ? :)
    • LTT: I'm good :) you?
    • Interviewer: None of your buisness -_-
    • LTT: >.>
    • Interviewer:xD Nah…

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    just a theory

    6 September 2014 by BlueJayD

    So if Dwemer Centurians have greater soul gems in them that are always filled, arnt they powerd with souls? But taking it a step further...i have a belief that maybe the Dwemer were so advanced, they found away to achieve near imortality by putting them selves into soul gems and then being placed into these robots, giving them control over a machine or rather than being living metal! Its just a thought but i found it amazing.

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    Key people: Potentate Aelius Macer: regent of the Empire. Is currently in Skyrim, hoping to lead several military campaigns around Haafingar. (DECEASED)

    Jarl Snadmund Firesoul: appointed new Jarl of Haafingar due to his noble status, military experience, political cunning and charity work. Fought alongside Aelius Macer in the Great War.

    Jarl Elisif the Fair: widow of the late High King, she was kidnapped by the infamous bandit, Leon Steelfang. (DECEASED)

    Furiulca Mede: bastard of Emperor Titus Mede II. Originally known as Furiulca Petilia, he changed his last name to his father's and made a claim to the Ruby Throne. Attempted to assassinate Aelius Macer. With the help of several corrupt officials and his uncle, Janus Petilia, he managed to co…

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    Datadragon Odahviing

    Name: Francois Mercer III, spirit of the 13th era

    Race: Breton/Daedra

    Age: 3000, biologically 20 (immortal)

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: A a reference, look at Dante from Devil may Cry (for his face, but he looks way better). Wears a black trench coat over a black shirt and black pants, relatively well built and six feet tall.

    Spells (up to 12): Sparks, Chain lightning, Thunderbolt, Overcharge (electrifies his palm/weapons), Close wounds, Mark, Recall, Levitation (via magnetic repulsion).

    Powers (racial+2, time powers are innate and not counted here.): Wings of shadow (gives him a pair of electrified ethereal black wings to enable flight.)

    Abilities (Passives): Magic and poison resistance, Increased strength, dexterity, reflexes and stamina. Improved…

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    Datadragon Odahviing

    Some standard lore before the awakening of the time walkers

    In fifth era:

    Ulfric Stormcloak's rebellion succeeded in kicking the empire out of Skyrim. Ulfric died before he could realize his dreams of reforming Skyrim, though. The next high king was incompetent.

    The Dawmguard nearly succeeded in wiping out the Volkihar clan, but the new leader of the clan retaliated and the dawnguard were destroyed. This new leader was without doubt, the Dragonborn. However, the Dragonborn left Skyrim with his vampire clan after destroying the Dawnguard.

    Skyrim fell to the Thalmor in the second great war. The high elven empire now controlled Cyrodiil, Valenwood, Eleswyr, the Summerset Isles and Skyrim. Hammerfell, High rock and Orsinum banded together to comba…

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    Who Would Win In A Fight? The Argonian or the Khajiit? i think the Khajiit because they have there claws. they don't even have to use weapons! argonians on the other hand need to use weapons. but they could breath underwater. so who do you think will win? The Argonian Or The Khajiit?

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    From IGN Sep 3rd, 2014 - Bethesda confirmed with IGN that Zenimax Online Studios, developer of has been hit by several layoffs.

    Bethesda explained that they had initially built up their staff at the beginning and they saw the need to "adjust staffing" since the game is out and a community has been built, and the studio "continues to operate with a large work force."

    For the future of , Bethesda said they "remained strongly committed to The Elder Scrolls Online," and they have planned expansion into important international territories.

    Details of the layoffs are not revealed.

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    You remember the MK tale Love letter from the 9th era, and that it states Anu is the godhead?
    Are you aware of the idea that if you try your hardest not to think of something before you sleep, you will dream of that thing?
    Well, what if Anu, the Godhead, after each Kalpa, tries his hardest not to think of what he just saw, as it is a nightmare to him, as you stated before. He doesn't want to see it again.He is still unconscious, but aware in a way.
    Padomay, could represent to power of the nightmare blowing over him, and the more he tries not to think about the terrible world of what just happened, the more the dream makes it.
    Hence, the "battle between" them. Also, the fact that it is near impossible to have the exact same dream multiple times…

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    Dragon Boy 252

    hi guys for this weeks question did the hero of kvatch become sheogorath just leave your opinions in my talk page

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    I have completed the posting of the remaining Eastmarch quests. I have collected a few of the Rift quests but updates will be taking a longer this month. I've created a new player-friendly guild in ESO and welcomed my second daughter to the world a few days ago. During the next few weeks, the sleep deprivation will not be caused by late night game sessions but late night feeding sessions. :-)

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    To distract the Wiki from the chat/forum kerfuffle going on recently, I decided to post this blog regarding my recommended mods for Skyrim, to follow up the one I made a few months ago for Oblivion.

    Obviously, these are only for PC, and I'm using Steam, though they all run on non-Steam version as well. The Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) and Skyrim UI (SkyUi) are required for most of these to work, except the Unofficial Patches.

    1) Unofficial Patches (Main Game, Dawnguard and Dragonborn)

    A must have, even if you dislike modding the game. All these do is fix countless bugs Bethesda hasn't fixed as of the latest patch, which will never be fixed by Bethesda as they've stopped working on it. 

    2) Sleeved Legionnaires+Sleeved Hold Guards/Stormcloaks


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