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  • Madman97

    (Madman Tonight is filmed in front of a live studio audience)


    (Dave and Madman are sitting down, palms under their chins in thought)

    Dave: Dovahesbrom.

    Madman97: Refused.

    Dave: UAM.

    Madman97: Was, but he already had an interview. I want to do someone wholly unexpected and somewhat obscure. But who?

    Dave: SuperSajuuk!

    Madman97 (chuckling): Vacated the premises, I'm afraid. Hmm...(Madman97 points to one of the camera crew) You! Intern! Come up here!

    (She does so hesitantly and sits down in the interviewee chair)

    Madman97: Ah damn, I could've asked Draevan! Ah well, since you're already here...What's this one's name, Dave?

    Dave (checking clipboard): Uh, this is Kora Stormblade--Been around since 30th, member of the Stormcloa…

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  • Morphetica

    Glitches For Skyrim

    12 November 2015 by Morphetica
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  • I am Noir

    Apologies to Krista.

    8 November 2015 by I am Noir

    Civ, when I see you in chat you make me smile.

    What am I apologizing for? I am apologizing for being rude, and for now on, I will be more nicer to you.

    Now, go out there and continue what you do! 

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  • I am Noir

    Apologies to Blitz.

    8 November 2015 by I am Noir

    Blitz, I think you are the cutest female on this wiki.

    I don't know why I am apologizing to you, but I want you to know that I am truly sorry for whatever I did.

    You smell nice.

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  • Mechazod

    Eidetic Memory

    8 November 2015 by Mechazod

    As it contains over 1000+ books, and has over 20 separate collections within, any help in compiling the Eidetic Memory would be appreciated.

    Mechazod (talk) 05:19, November 8, 2015 (UTC)

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  • I am Noir

    Apologies to Rim.

    8 November 2015 by I am Noir

    I knew Rim was going to be the most affected by my trolling of a poor new user, you are the cutest patroller in the history of patrollers.

    Now that I have apologized get back out there and patrol the shit out of this wiki!

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  • I am Noir

    Apologies to Kora.

    8 November 2015 by I am Noir

    I'm sorry you had to see me trolling that poor user, also I am sorry for also trolling you.

    You smell nice.

    You'd make a great waifu for many men.

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  • I am Noir

    Apologies to Shawn.

    8 November 2015 by I am Noir

    You're a smart man, but I was too stupid to listen to you or this innocent new user I have trolled.

    But now, I will start listening to you, and your cries for help. I promise I will stop being less abusive to you.

    Shawn, I'm sorry that I tricked this user into doing this, I hope you're not too badly affected emotionally, physically, or psychologically.

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  • I am Noir

    Apologies to Bronkiin.

    8 November 2015 by I am Noir

    The truth is, I never really like Bronk that much, but this isn't a time to hate, no, this is a time to apologize!

    Bronkiin, you smell really nice, and your editing and trolling skills are top tier. Also you are a great man, you stop an innocent user from getting troller by me, not many people would step in the way of a troll.

    If you ran for admin, I would make 10 alt accounts and vote.

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  • I am Noir

    Apologies to Mechazod.

    8 November 2015 by I am Noir

    Mechazod, I am truly sorry that I gave you false information on joining a guild. For now on, I will start appreciating your edits more, you're a great editor man.

    Please let me know if you truly accept my apology  

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  • I am Noir

    66% off, will end on November 6th.

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  • Knightwing91190

    Im going to be Working on things people would usaly not do to achieve uniqe things in skyrim elder scrolls V...

    dont know where im going to start but i will let you guys Know !!

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  • Atvelonis

    As of today—November 2nd, 2015—the DLC for is available for players on PC and Mac. As you can see here, the Xbox One version is planned to be released on November 17th and the Playstation 4 version on November 18th.

    Those with an active ESO Plus™ membership will automatically have access to the Orsinium DLC game pack. Otherwise, the DLC can be purchased for 3,000 Crowns via the in-game Crown Store. Additionally, the DLC's Collector's Edition contains the Orsinium DLC game pack itself and miscellaneous bonuses for 5,000 .

    The DLC adds a number of new quests, group bosses, delves, public dungeons, new items, and even a new game mode, as well as numerous other new features and several smaller optimizations. For more information, see the official n…

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  • Tuzin

    OP Characters in Skyrim

    2 November 2015 by Tuzin

    When someone makes their character OP as Balls, it makes good players like me look bad, but I see the appeal, I have recently done some things to make me OP, but, I did use Legendary difficulty to make it a challenge, or its no fun. I hope the rest of you already do the same thing or listen to me and do this. I am Tuzin the Blademaster in your puny tongue you use, I will destroy anyone in my path! 

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  • Thark Stoneskull

    From the very first time i played skyrim till the end of the 9th playthrough i always wondered why they even bothered witht the doors in the nordic ruins becase they were so easy to figure out I saw it more as a waste of time, but then i came accross a book called the Death of a wanderer (page 191 if you have the printed skyrim books vol 1 the histories) which speaks about this in a very interesting way. basically what it says is that the doors aren't meant to keep people out they are meant to keep the draugr in. the book describes how the draugr are incredibally stupid and since the rulers of those ruins before they died wanted to make sure that people visited their grave not some half witted draugr so they made a locking mechanism simple…

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  • Netanya191995

    She was born in Daggerfall to her parents Astien and Amarie Lorin. She was the only child, but her two cousins lived with them, Jeanele and Dabien Valnne. Growning up in Daggerfall was hard for them since they did not have a lot of gold. But they somehow made due, and got past their dark days. When she was but a mere 15 years of age, she left them to go to Skyrim,having taught herself a little bit of how to control her flames. Her parents had been proud of her as had her cousins,who had found their own talents. 

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  • Netanya191995

    Background Info.

    29 October 2015 by Netanya191995

    Skyrim: Breton named Jada(pronouced Sha-da,though the J sounds more like a Z.),is dark skinned unlike your average Breton,has I think brown eyes, and light brown hair. Is a Mage in the works.

    Location: Currently at Whiterun

    Creature: None

    Item: daggers

    Ingredient:Sold them


    Spells:Lighting,Flames,Fire Rune, Oakflesh,Fury,Frostbite,and Magelight

    Quest: Mage Quest

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  • ThatNoodleTho

    So I have been thinking, all of the events that happened in The Elder Scrolls games (probably not TESO? I don't really know) lead up to Skyrim, according to the Dragonborn book. The last dragonborn appears, blah blah blah, Alduin banished into time again or something, end of whole prophecy, but is it? What happens next? Do they find another Elder Scroll predicting another threatening chain of events? What's supposed to happen next?

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  • Madman97


    Madman97: And we are back! After a brief interlude, Bluesonic1, Dave, and I are here to finish our discussion by getting in deep with the big questions of lore. So let's not waste anymore time! Let's jump right in. This is a question that most actually have not asked. Normally I ask people simpler stuff, like where the Dwemer went and you know, they usually respond as expected: They melded with the Nimidium's skin, they were transported out of Nirn and to a different plane, or just straight up out of existence. It was suggested to me that I ask about the lost continent of Aldmeris, which is said to have disappeared very early on in the timeline after a destructive event, but there is little to no information regarding it which ma…

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  • Madman97

    (Madman Tonight is filmed in front of a live studio audience)

    (Applause as a Scholar's Cap-wearing pipe-tokin' Sheogorath-looking motherf*cker sits down in the comfy leather armchair with the Oghma Infinium. His man-servant Dave, who looks oddly like Christopher Lloyd, stands beside him with a chalkboard.)

    Madman97 (snapping the book shut and taking the pipe out of his mouth): Oh. Hello! I didn't see you there. I was just reading the Oghma Infinium, which harbors a great number of secrets. It's like Daedric Tabloids! Oh, and its cover is also made from the skins of different species.

    Dave: Now how cool is that, kids?

    Madman97: You're all probably wondering why I have a chalkboard and a book containing the secrets of Mundus. Well, if my calcula…

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  • Pie1997

    I did this for fun.

    27 October 2015 by Pie1997

    Harry Potter Pledge.

    I promise to remember Harry when someone grows up with no love.

    I promise to remember Ron, when I feel overshadowed.

    I promise to remember Hermione, when I meet someone with wisdom beyond their years.

    I promise to remember James and Lily when someone dies before their time.

    I promise to remember Dumbledore at the thought of the greater good.

    I promise to remember Fred and George when I find light in dark times.

    I promise to remember Moony and fight for human rights.

    I promise to remember Narcissa when I'd do anything for family.

    I promise to remember Tonks when I feel hyper and cheery.

    I promise to remember Hedwig who lived and died soaring.

    I promise to remember Ginny when I must face my fears.

    I promise to remember Percy when ambition gets the be…

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  • Осирис

    Странствия по Этериусу.

    Послипобеды довокина над Анконом .

    Ока Магнуса открывает довокинутайну путешествие месту царствами Этериуса .

    Через Совнгард довокин совершает странствия по этериусу .

    (Царствам : Магнуса, Дибелы, Аркея, Юлиана, Магнуса, Кинорет, Стендар, Зенитара, Акотоша .).

    Довокин в девяти царствам Этериуса проходит испытания, и в дар обретает знания и силу Аэдра

    (божественную искру.).

    Посох истинной эльфов.

    Вернувшись в нирндовокизнаниями аэдра находит способ исцеления снежных эльфов. Для исцеления снежных эльфов нужно создать посох истинной природы снежных эльфов.

    В храме Ауриэля довокин мести с

    Гелебором проводит ритуал создания посоха истинной природы.

    (Для создания посоха нужно.

    Не зачарованный посох истиной природы: 1 очищенный лунный…

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  • Bluesonic1

    This is the elaborated discussion on the moot procedure and policy CT review, which can be found here. Users reading this page should only really be doing so if they found the CT's summary lacking in information and require further clarification, or would like to see the evidence that supports for specific changes. Any comments and discussion regarding these proposed changes should be direct to the linked CT. (And yes, I'm aware I have a problem with writing too much- I'M SORRY D:)

    NOTE: Names in quotes are not to be focused on here- I don't want to see ad hominems occurring. Focus on the content of the quotes I provide for different points- after all, it could have been anyone who made the comment. With this, I also hope no one is offended…
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  • David3136

    Started building a mansion using dlc and could do with help on finding things message me if you want to help.

    -JOIN today- -NTB- -Never Turn Back- Read more >
  • Zippertrain85

    Hello, so a few blogs back I had a Q&A from the my fellow Wiki users. I think I should have a part 2!

    Ask me any questions you want. And I'll try to answer as best I can in the future. As stated in my other blog, it can be about movies, the Wiki, myself, etc.

    What are you waiting for? Ask away!

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  • Reva Rio


    19 October 2015 by Reva Rio

    Hi guys! Expect a lot of cool stories and feel free to give me suggestions about stories you're interested in!

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  • Purrington

    Why is it that mage characters in Skyrim, such as Pyromancers, Cryomancers, and Necromancers demonstrate such prowess with Destruction magic in their living state. Yet when they are slain, and I restore them to life as a Thrall, they seem to only use far weaker spells that they initially utilized. Like today, I was doing the quest "Dampened Spirits", and whilst I was in the process of eliminating Hamelyn, he was continually sending Adept-level Fireballs my way. After which I brought him back from undeath to fight for me, he now just uses Apprentice-level Ice spikes, and nothing more than that. This also applies when I thrall high level mages. In life, they would show proficiency in adept level destruction spells, and in death, they seem to…

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  • Silver4Raven

    I was born in 2E 1, so I am among the oldest living things in Tamriel. I was partly responsible for most of the famous and infamous events throughout Tamriel. I helped the Dark Brotherhood, Fighter's Guild, Companions, Mage's Guild, and a few more, spring into creation. My name essentially translates as Shining Faith. I am an expert in every inanimate object that is deadly, threatening, or silent in one's hands. I am a master jailbreaker, thief, assassin, mage, fighter, and more.

    My name is Khastor Creed. You know not my story, not my name. You see not my actions, not my face. You hear not my magic, not whispers... My presence has never been known.

    I am the bogeyman, the faithless one, Chiller, and hunter of men.

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  • Madman97

    (Madman Tonight is filmed in front of a live studio audience)

    Madman97: Me and Emperor Jarjarkine have interviewed users high and low on this blog and I think it's a great opportunity to get to know your fellow users, share stories and create new ones. We've also met some with great tastes in music. Don't you agree, Dave?

    Dave: Oh absolutely. One of them really liked Salt N' Pepper.

    Madman97: But as much as this show makes me want to shoop--

    Dave (and Audience): Ba-doop Ba-doop Ba-doop!

    Madman97: Yo' packed and yo' stacked, 'specially in the back! Brother wanna' thank ya' motha' for a butt like 'dat! Ahem, sorry, what are we doing here?

    Dave: You're right. Wutang would be better.

    Madman97: Not that! We barely break NBC's top ten! We need to boost…

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  • Ren-x-x-x


    9 October 2015 by Ren-x-x-x

    I love Skyrim. 

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  • FromanSK


    5 October 2015 by FromanSK

    This is a page for my own personal Skyrim character and intended for my own personal use. Feel free to read it if you wish, but please don't complain about any inaccuracies to lore. This was never intended to be lore friendly or canon; in fact, as the story progresses you will find that it becomes more and more lore unfriendly.

    Garrel (no surname, pronounced GARE-UHL) is a Bosmer thief and assassin and member of the guilds respective to both talents (namely the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood chapters of Skyrim). Born in the city of Riften in 4E184, 17 years prior to the Dragon Crisis , Garrel was given up by his parents, both Bosmer Rangers, after their clan had been targeted by the Aldmeri Dominion. For his safety, Garrel was placed in…

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  • Madman97

    (Madman Tonight is filmed in front of a live studio audience)

    Madman97: Sorry for the longer wait everyone. Gathering date took longer than expected. Thus, we will get right to it; My dear, dear Davey, I am rather enjoying this whole interview thing, another chance to delve back into my old character, create new stories as is our shared favorite hobby.

    Dave: I've honestly never role played on here. Whenever I did Blog Critic, I spoke as myself. 

    Madman97: You lack creative juices, Dave. It's hard to come across those who share an appreciation for the written word and the creative power an apt mind wields over something as simple as a pencil and paper (or in this case, a laptop shared between two college graduates who have nothing better to do…

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  • Silver4Raven

    You can be the: Vestige, Last Dragonborn, Hero of Kvatch, Nerevarine, Hero of Daggerfall, Eternal Champion, Champion of Cyrodiil, Apprentice, or all of the above. You can choose where you are imprisoned out of the following areas: Cyrodiil, Skyrim, Imperial Province, Morrowind, or any other province in Tamriel. You can even choose some planes of Oblivion, such as: Apocrypha, Ashpit, Attribution's Share, Coldharbour, Colored Rooms, Deadlands, Evergloam, Hunting Grounds, Moonshadow, Scuttling Void, Pits, Misty Grove, Shivering Isles, Spiral Skein, and Quagmire. 

    After you escape, there will be a quest-line sending you either to a shrine of Stendarr or follower/ priest depending on what realm you are in. You will be informed of the Dark Brothe…

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  • The Crusader of Truth

    Hey guys. I'll try to get this as short as I can.

    I change my username, Fghfghfgh510, to...well, what you see now. I'm writing this up so that people know that I changed it.

    Thank you!

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  • Gaming Foxy

    So to help the Wiki i decided to make this blog explaining how to extract audio files from Oblivion and Skyrim

    Have either The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Construction Set for Oblivion or Creation Kit for Skyrim.

    Load a File

    So you go in the File Tab and select load then select the ESM of the game or of the desired expansion or DLC.

    select the character

    Then let's say I want to get a audio file from Martin first i would select actors tab then NPC tab and then Imperial section and would look for him there (OBS: in Skyrim Creation kit there is the option of searching the name instead of looking through the list)and then would select him.

    After selecting it you click in the Dialogue tab in the character menu

    then you look for the quote you want in th…

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  • JoshofBlades

    Theory on Mannimarco

    23 September 2015 by JoshofBlades

    Hey guys! I haven't been back in a while and I apologize. But it's me, JoshofBlade!!

    Anyway, in my pervious blogs I dealt a lot with Skyrim and it's Civil War and my personal thoughts about the state of affairs in 4th Era Tamriel. Sometimes I would get questions from people usually along the lines of "Have you played anything other than Skyrim n00b?" or what have you. So to answer that, yes, yes I have. And today, I want to discuss one of my favorite Characters from the Series: Mannimarco.

    Now, I have a theory about the King of Worms, hear me out. When first encountered (In Daggerfall), Mannimarco is a very powerful Lich and Necromancer seeking to use the Mantella to somehow turn himself into a God. Based on the Warp in the West or "Miracle …

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  • Zippertrain85

    It has, uh, been a long time since I have done a Civil War blog. But this time around I'm not going to be taking a side and saying why I think they are the right side to choose, quite the contrary actually, I'm going to be saying the opposite.

    After thinking about it for some time I have realized there is no "right" side in the Civil War. The term "right" is by definition subjective and arbitrary, no side can make the claim of officially being the right one, when there isn't even a official way to measure what is right. What I am saying is, morality is subjective. What someone might consider evil others might consider necessary, what some consider heroism, other might consider pointless or even malicious from some points of view. The Stormcl…

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  • Madman97

    (Madman Tonight is filmed in front of a live studio audience)


    Madman97: Good evening everyone, and welcome to another episode of Madman Tonight!


    Madman97: And let's give a big hand for my friend Dave over here.


    Dave: Why do I even do this anymore?

    Madman97: Why does anyone do anything do anymore Dave? We live in a nation marred by an inept government, live in a world where bigotry, famine, and Kanye West--the single most derogatory thing to black culture since Vanilla Ice and the Rodney King beatings (Get Him To The Greek, anyone?)--run rampant with no one to stop it. There's nothing but controversy and sham.

    Dave: The human condition is a fascinating thing. It makes us keep fighting even if all hope is gone. I...Wait,…

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  • The Crusader of Truth

    This was a story inspired to me by my various playthroughs of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Please note that everything in the story, however, may not be fully cannon, and thus, if you want a summary of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim playthrough, this is not the place to be. Please also note that I (Fghfghfgh510, aka Austin) do not own The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in any way, and that this is only player-made. Also, this story may have a few parts in it that may not be...pleasant. Reader discretion is advised! Now, to the story!!

     It was a bold summer day in Skyrim. The sun rose slowly over Nirn, flooding it with rays of light that seemed to be brighter than the last day, just as it was before that. A blue butterfly fluttered around, basking in…

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    Guess who's back?

    21 September 2015 by NOTATHALMORSPY

    Well... If you didn't guess by the title, it's me. 

    So it's been quite some time, months in fact, since I last was here. As some of you may know, I was (and techinacally still am) a member of SOAF, the Sultan of Oman's Armed Forces. We did a training run in the hills, which, no surprise, was hard, and that lasted about a month. When I came back, my mother had been complaining of problems with her stomach, and so we decided it was best to finally go through with what we had been planning for awhile; moving to America, where I had lived for many years before. We did, and after a long and expensive time of moving, we're back to where I had lived for many years, Missouri. I've got new work as a truck driver, and my mother and brother have their…

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  • Blutbad


    19 September 2015 by Blutbad

    Note: This blog is a fanfiction, about the Last Dragonborn, a Nord woman by the name of Kolfinna transforming into the Dragon Priest Konahriik, and her adventures afterwards. Chapter 1: Bromjuunar Kolfinna unleashed a stream of flames that slew a troll. She walked into the central barrow of the ruins of Labyrinthian, and crouched in front of the stone slab with busts on it. She realized the busts were broken, so she looked around for something, but she didn't know what. Then she saw what appeared to be a wooden Dragon Priest mask. She put it on, and there was a flash. When the light faded out, she was in the same room, but the display of busts was no longer broken. She placed her collected masks on the display, and the dragon's mouth opene…

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  • Qahnaarin1997

    Horse Sandbox

    19 September 2015 by Qahnaarin1997

    I would like to thank Kora Stormblade for helping test on XBox 360 and for helping with editing, QueenFinelia  for testing on the PC and help with editing, and Fluffyzerglin for testing on PS3 and editing. They all where a very inportant part of this project, and I am very happy they were able to help. If anyone wants to see the original work and testing the link wil be provided

    Horse Sandbox

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  • The Crusader of Truth

    Notice: I've got this on hold, too lazy to work on it right now.

    My current progress story on one page can be found here.

    This was a story inspired to me by my various playthroughs of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Please note that everything in the story, however, may not be fully cannon, and thus, if you want a summary of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim playthrough, this is not the place to be. Please also note that I do not own The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in any way, and that this is only player-made. Also, this story may have a few parts in it that may not be...pleasant. Reader discretion is advised! Now, to the story!!


    Like most tales, this is one best told over a bottle of mead, though, if wanted, you can surely have a lot more than t…

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  • Madman97

    (Madman Tonight is filmed in front of a live studio audience)

    Good evening. From the outskirts of the Shivering Isles, in a secluded place outside of Sheogorath's influence simply known as Rantyland, comes the weird English Elder Scrolls Blogger who probably takes his character too far. So without further ado, please welcome your host...



    and also Dave. 


    Madman97: Hello one and all and welcome to our brand new blog series Madman Tonight! To keep it easy for you, since this is a rather lengthy blog, I'll divide it into sections to read at a time so you're not overwhelmed. 


    Madman97: Yeah! We are back from Generation X user obscurity to pick up the mantle passed onto us by User: Emperor Jarjarkine, who as you mi…

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  • Archmageadam

    go to cresia wiki

    5 September 2015 by Archmageadam

    Cresia will be a fantacy game(possibly series) based on the continent of the same name. The creator will let you make the lore of the game. Of course he will not let you put complete trolling crap but he does let pepole put stuff at there will as long as its not controdict anything. When the game comes out some of the stuff in it I made and thats relly cool to know. So far I seem to be the only other person on the wiki and I would love for as many people as possible to help.


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  • Cheatcodechamp

    Well, if you have not noticed yet, the first of this month brought us the long awaited expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online. This is the first DLC for this game, and it returns us to the capital of the empire. As of now, it is only on PC and MAC, but will arrive to Xbox One and Play station four on 9/15 and 9/16.

    You cannot accses the new content until you have bought the expansion, and have reached level 10. With this new story, we can expect hours of expanded play time, new areas to fight along side friends or alone, and powerful new weapons and armor. With this new adventure, the game also has a patch that effects everybody, so with the DLC and the patch, the game now includes:

    • All new content, available to players that are level 10 or …

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  • Lightbuster30

    Controller problem.

    4 September 2015 by Lightbuster30

    Basically I will play skyrim and my conbtrol keeps switching to pause. Like I am playiing/fightning it will take me to the pasue  screen. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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  • Misterman510

    Requires: Hearthfire, A lot of gold.

    Step 1: Go to a blacksmith (I recommend Warmaidens because it has two vendors).

    Step 2: Buy any iron ingots and ore they sell (If there not selling any wait 24 hours or go somewhere else).

    Step 3 (This is where Hearthfire comes in): Use the iron to make building materials (I recommend hinges because they can be sold for the most gold).

    Every time you make something your smithing skill increases slightly, keep doing this until you reach the level you want or run out of gold.

    Because of this my smithing went up by about 60 in one day and now I have Epic (I'm not just saying that it actually is Epic I tempered it) Ebony Gear :D.

    And plus if you are in the middle of building a house the bonus!

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  • Ra' Zhin

    Awesome loot!

    27 August 2015 by Ra' Zhin

    So, I was looting a dungeon, and I found flame thrall, which normaly you can only get at conjuration level 100 after completing the quest. but.... my conjuration is ONLY 31?!?!

    So whats the craziest/ most awesome loot, you have ever found?

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  • Zippertrain85

    One of the main things that almost every single person who's debated on this website has probably been asked, is to provided sources for their arguments/opinions. Most of the time, they provide witness events in the game, dialogue from NPCs or major beings, or books. But I've wondered for a long time, how when debating deep concepts in the TES Universe, how books written by mortals prove anything, and how accurate these are.

    What I'm saying is, let's say you're in a debate over the powers of Aedra and Daedra, and you use the book Aedra and Daedra to "prove" that the Aedra can "die", and therefor less powerful than their cousins, the Daedra. Do you think the author of the book would really know of if Aedra can die, a mere mortal who's likely…

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