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  • King of the nerds


    all like the elder scrolls if u don't u shouldn't even be on this site . But have u ever wondered what's the best elder scrolls game . Buy them all except arena we all know it sucks . Play them all then create . And tell me tell everyone what's the best elder scrolls game if u pick skyrim your awesome.

    O and it would be nice if some of you could give some advice on the ladies

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  • Killerkat39

    Ok so I know what your thinking right? Your skeptical there is no way that "Old Salty" is the Merchant Mudcrab Easter Egg from TES:3 Morrowind right... Well today i've come to take you on a jouney... and not just and jouney but a logic jouney Damnit now it feels weird to say jouney.

    ANYWAY back on track here... today my loyal skyrimers and skyrimettes i will prove to you that "Old Salty" is Merchant Mudcrab.

    First we have to go all the way back to Morrowind and see the Muddificated Crab Merchant ourselves, now i know i cant show you guys but in TES:3 Merchant Mudcrab sold alcoholic beverages and he/she also had the highest amount of gold as a merchant in the base game.

    Now snap back to the future and we find a larger named mudcrab named "Old …

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  • Totiki

    give me more

    June 24, 2015 by Totiki

    dear Elder Scrolls makers, give me more give more.


    signed: Susanna

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  • Zippertrain85

    Hello, after reading the recent Schism amongst some of the Wiki's more prominent lore theorists about the validity of CHIM, it made me begin to wonder, why is lore so heavily debated on this website and why are some users so emotionally invested in what is/isn't true, or what others users believe.

    Now, I've had my fair share of unpopular opinions about lore for awhile. I've made blogs on it, made them well known to fellow Wiki users, etc. To be honest, I've gotten way more criticism and downright hostile attitudes than respect by a landslide. This can especially be said about blogs I made on the Vampires and Dawnguard, which for some reason always bring out the worst in most users. But why do they care so much? It's not just them, a lot of p…

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  • Madman97

    One thing I would like to make abundantly clear is that my last blog on CHIM "Why I don't think it exists" was written in November of 2013, and the gap between that one and this one has allowed me some extra time to ponder why it is a dislike it so much. Well, I haven't much thought about it lately, until a recent spat with a user on my last blog came to fruition. The purpose of this blog is to act as a final refutation to him and all CHIM supporters out there. Before I could write a response to his argument, he saw that in the comments of the blog, I had not yet realized what the Enantiomorph was and no longer took me seriously as a loremaster. Once again, I would like to point out that this was back in 2013. I know what the Enantiomorph …

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  • The Rim of the Sky

    While the hot topic of E3 has been Fallout 4, The Elder Scrolls franchise has also recieved some new info on future releases, including an upcoming spin-off.

    A teaser trailer of The Elder Scrolls: Legends has been shown, which you can view here. The game is a spin-off, and a card game using Elder Scrolls lore. It will be developed by Direwolf Digital and published by Bethesda, though not much else is currently known about the game.

    The Elder Scrolls Online has received some footage of the long-awaited upcoming areas of Wrothgar, the homeland of the Orcs, and the Imperial City, the crown jewel of war-torn Cyrodiil and heart of Tamriel. A tease for the Dark Brotherhood has also been shown with the Black Hand captioned with the words "We know" …

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  • The Sienna Who Couldn't Decide on a Username

    Is buying the game worth it?

    For some, $60 is a small price to pay for an online Elder Scrolls experience.  Others, however, have realistic budgeting tactics that new releases don't typically fall into.  Well, I'm here to help you rationalize this decision: Should I drain all of my money into this game, or should I wait it out/not get it at all?

    MANY people had just barely purchased the PS3 when the PS4 was so quickly released. Chances are, even if you CAN afford a $60 game, a system costing HUNDREDS of dollars is not even close to in your budget. This is okay.  I have many friends considering buying the PS4 console specifically for the new ESO release. My advice to these people? Don't waste the money.  This is the exact predicament I am in…

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  • Faith4Disney

    As I woke up and got to my feet, I saw Lydia staring at me. I guess she wasn't Fighting the dragon like I thought. I went back outside to see if the gaurds Killed it, but I didn't see any gaurds around... And there wasn't any sign of a Dragon... Maybe it was all in my head? I didn't have time to think about it, Because a guy came up to me asked for a gold coin. I gave him one and he said He was available for marriage... But I didn't say anything about it. I could Marry him, but I didn't know if he had a place to stay. So I went back to the Inn and I saw some man who I could hire as a follower. But for 500 gold coins! I was gonna come back later.

    Next, I went to Markarth and the Jarl said I could Search the ashes of a burned

    down house. I f…

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  • Faith4Disney

    Okay, brand new day! First of all, I went back to Riften to go to the Bee And Barb and I saw the man I needed to see, he was "rudely talking" to some People and... I wasn't listening. It was a new place that I've never been to So I had to explore! Afterwards, I talked to him and he had the Amulet that I needed for 200 gold coins. But I decided to wait until I get this mission Done.

    So I went ahead to the women's parents, and it turns out that the mother

    Just wanted her daughter to be happy, it was her father who caused the problems! But it was all good because I told them to sneak away to Riften. Then, I talked To this man who wanted to impress a women he had a HUGE crush on. I talked To the women's handsome friend who was great at writing…

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  • Mekanikle

    How evil would it be if I did not kill Grelod the Kind but instead I killed Constance Michel? 

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  • Faith4Disney

    Um... What do I do? Do I just start writing? Oh, okay! Well, it has been A while since I found out I am Dragonborn, and I've been busy since! But yesterday I turned into a vampire by well... A vampire disease... So now I am one! I hope It doesn't get in the way of my personal life! I've been trying to find the Perfect man to marry so I can live in a house and not the road. I always dreamed Of true love.... And this sweetest little girl came up to me and asked for a Gold coin. I gave her one and she said something about her mother who died and She wanted me to adopt her but I don't have a place to stay so she couldn't Come with me. So I made a promise to get a house and come back to adopt her As soon as possible. And I don't have enough m…

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  • Akavir DragonBorn

    The Story of the rp is tamerial is being invaded by akavir and also is having problems with dagon and molag bal Every race in Tamerial Has been resurected most of the strongest warriors are rising to fight all killed off races risen and ready and in good shape to fight week warriors trying to become profesional warriors Fight For your Race and your freedom and your cause  Before It is too late and tamerials imperial city is suffering from the aliance wars and faction raids that are happening 

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  • Akavir DragonBorn
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  • Speaks-To-Flames
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  • Kobkob1

    The Murder of Nazeem

    May 29, 2015 by Kobkob1

    Day one: I stride into Whiterun, with the intention to run up in the Cloud District and have a very personal conversation with the Jarl. I run past Nazeem, dreading the words that no-one can stop. "Do you get to the cloud district often? Oh, what am I saying? Of course you don't ". My body fuels with rage and I feel my werewolf beast blood nearly rise to the top, causing brief, but intense blurring of my vision. My hand strays near my blade. But I cannot do the deed without planning.

    Day Two: I have created the ultimate dagger, capable of killing him without effort. I go to a local dealer who sells black soul gems, the ones obtained from this will be weak indeed.

    Day 23: After a long study of his lifestyle, I have managed to track down where …

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  • StalinGrad6

    So i have a question... a musing, if you will... a general, very silly but strangely fun idea.

    What if = the Fallout universe, was the precursor to the Elder scrolls universe?

    Why i asked that question: Theres a peculiar similarity between Nirns geology, some of the creatures in bestiary Lore, and most of all - Masser, and Secunda. Nirns moons.

    Theory: The crazy nutbags from Big MT, or maybe another research firm from China, Europe or Russia somehow managed to build something. Something of epic enough power to split timespace or dimensions.

    Why: look at em. Big MT. scientists. look at the tech. its possible they couldve done somming like that! they lack the common sense to not try something like it!

    Theory 2: Extrasolar event, such as massive s…

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  • Madman97

       I have been hindered in writing blogs lately, and there are several reasons for this. The first is that my usual gig involves writing Theory Blogs or Spoof Blogs bashing a game for entertainment purposes, and with the absence of a present Elder Scrolls game for consoles until ESO comes out in the summertime, there has been a scarcity of content to write about. The second reason is that more recently, I have taken to writing "Political" Blogs, addressing concerns I had with the website and the community. But, besides some conflict coming from disagreements between users on the Consensus Track, there hasn't been much to analyze and dissect. This...draught of events you might call it has left me starved and without a creative spark.

       But …

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  • Violenceisbad

        I have a question for anyone who will listen. I am an argonian supremicist, and a good friend of mine love to play as a wood elf. We both pre-ordered the imperial edition for xbox one and very few others we know are looking to play the game. We are both relatively adamant about playing in our race's alliance. Is it possible for us to play PvE and explore tamriel without switching alliances?

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  • Ralvz'jeshka Shakaraph

    Dear friends. Yes, the entire two I have on here (and Artimis, but she's hardly ever on) Hbxn, and Khajiiti Nerd. It appears Ralvz'jeshka has been locked out of Whiterun, and can no longer interact with you. You can communicate by responding here, or, give your attempts at using an IRC. I currently use Furrychat, and reside in #ThePark. In any case, Ralvz'jeshka will be off having adventures and ploting reven~ I mean, searching for return gifts. 

    Ralvz'jeshka Shakaraph (talk)

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  • Macdog5150


    May 12, 2015 by Macdog5150
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  • Nomar the Nomarian

    "Ice Age"

    I find it looks the same, but everything has changed.  I find remembering gets harder every day.  Sometimes, I still believe who I pretend to be.  Sometimes, the little thing's exactly how it seems.  Exactly how it seems

    I see the color of your eyes has turned to gray.  I feel the wind is growing colder every day.  Sometimes, I open up the walls and disappear.  Sometimes, the crashing of the waves is all I hear

    Ocean, oh, help me find a way.  Ocean, oh, wash us all away

    I know that everything we did will come around.  I take the thought of you and burn it to the ground.  Sometimes, I'm waiting for this ice age to arrive.  Sometimes, I hate the me that's keeping me alive.

    Ocean, oh, help me find a way.  Ocean, oh, wash us all away.  Oc…

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  • Ikoter


    May 9, 2015 by Ikoter


    Chapter 1:

    ‘Where am I going…’

    The Dragonborn walked casually through the subterranean tunnels of this ancient Dwemer ruin, in search of an Elder Scroll.

    ‘Of all the places for it to be in… It couldn’t be in someone’s library, no, it had to be part of another deathly descent into the unknown!’

    Even though trouble waited for him down there, the Dovahkiin was armed to the teeth. A thick protective shell of dragon bones encased his body. A brown furry timber cloak covered his back. There was an even furrier, though white in color, part of this cloak surrounding his neck.

    Should he be blistered by the outside wind, he would have that warm and trusty animal pelt to cover himself with. But he would first and foremost have his true Nord blood as…

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  • Emperor Jarjarkine

    Hey there and sorry for the delay. So, it makes more than one year that my first interview with AES came out and, i'm quite surprised actually that this project is still running and, as popular, and maybe more than it was in it's beginning. Anyway, today, i'm interviewing one of the longest-serving user on the TES, been here since 2011, and is also one of our bureaucrats. He came here,  hoping to make this place a great wiki, and, maybe, one of the best wikia existing. I don't think he could ever have imagined that this same wikia he first came on, would become what it is today. We do owe him a damn lot indeed. So, to show my own gratitude, I decided to interview him, and, for those who are new here, please, take 5 minutes to read the inte…

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  • Ralvz'jeshka Shakaraph

    Reader's note: This page will be under consistant construction. Important update! Anything listed with possible change will be marked with a * next to it.

    Like most languages, you use your mouth (assuming you have one) to speak. It starts with one sound, then a few more, and then we get a word. Likewise, you aren't likely to get far, not knowing the sounds of any different language. After all, it isn't just the words that are different... Take a look at this guide to learn the sounds of this Ta'agra dialect.

    A a - ah as in father

    Ā ā - a as in hat

    B b - as in boy

    D d - as in doughnut

    E e - as in exit

    Ē ē - as in day

    Ph ph - as in phone

    G g - as in good

    H h - as in happy

    Hh hh - as in bach

    I i - as in icky

    Ī ī - as in sea

    J j - as in jump

    Jj jj - as in pl…

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  • Fghfghfgh510

    I was figuring this day would come, but not so soon. As the name of this blog might suggest, if not I'm sorry but I doubt I could make it clearer, I'm leaving the wiki for a decent amount of time. This will likely be 24 hours from the time of this post, however, the time may be extended.

    I know quite a few of you guys already know that I'm leaving, however, I decided to write a post so there are fewer loose threads about this. Since many members may not know me, it's fine, but I decided to explain why I'm leaving anyway. And I'll try to make this simple, so that no one gets too confused with this already poor-sounding blog post.

    To put this in simple English, I am getting my Chromebook taken back by the school system until the next start of …

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  • Dovah14
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  • Thechosenone124

    At what point do you consider the game won in Skyrim? 

    For me, it was the moment when I made a character a true hero of Skyrim. When I first started the game, I did any quest that granted my character power. Then I decided to do a stereotypical hero character.

    I basically wore iron armor for the game and focused only on main quests, without commiting crimes, which meant I never became a werewolf or did anything with the thieves and assassins. Also, true heroes don't use magic other than some basic spells. 

    Defeating Alduin with these restrictions made me feel like I really won the game

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  • Zippertrain85

    Wow, I can't believe this is the second year for me being on this Wiki, exactly that time ago I posted "Why the Stormcloaks are Right" and created my legacy on this site. Not much else to say other than this community has definitely changed a lot in these years, some things for better others worse, thank you all though for giving me some entertainment!

    I had edited around a little before, so I've been here even longer than this actually!

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  • Lord of the Dovah

    What is the best Greatsword in Skyrim (including Hearthfire, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn) and how do you find it?

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  • Twilight Despair 5

    Short blog, what ideas you as a player would like introduced in the Elder Scrolls? They can be ones for the future games, or revisions of some of the previous games or in-game lore. You can describe it as in-game lore or game mechanics.

    1. My revision would start with the Daedric Princes. While, they have some good aspects. Here are my ideas for a revision.

    1. Renamed to Daedric Monarchs. They still can be shapeshifters, for their "soul" would be set as either male, female, or genderless.

    2. They or at least like how the majority see them as demons I wouldn't consider them like demons. They could be considered as monsters, dark or evil spirits of divinity, or as gods. They would employ darker aspects of creation that affect mortal lives and c…

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  • The Rim of the Sky

    Just after four days of the feature's release, Valve and Bethesda have announced that they are removing paid mods from the Steam Workshop.

    Having decided to listen to the majority of the community, Valve and Bethesda have agreed on removing paid mods. Users who have previously purchased any mods can now refund them. Originally, Skyrim was intended to be the forefront game that would bring paid modding into the gaming community, though this has severely backfired on them. There have been a few legal issues and the Fishing Mod was removed due to Copyright issues just a few days back. Valve regrets making a bad mark on the modding community and will refrain from doing this again in the future.

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  • Garry Damrau

    Each item of apparel can have an enchantment added to it. I like boosting my health, magicka, and stamina first. What enchantments do you use the most. First without double enchantments and then with. Unique items of apparel may also be suggested.

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  • The Rim of the Sky

    After removing the workshop file restriction size around a month ago, Valve and Bethesda have released yet another change to the Steam Workshop. Starting today (alongside Skyrim's free weekend and sale), Steam users can now sell their mods in the Workshop. This works similarly to a DLC or micro-transaction system.

    Users who purchase mods can refund them within a 24-hour period of acquiring them. Prices currently range as low as $0.30 to as high as $7.49 by default. The "Pay-to-Mod" system uses a "Pay what you want" method of purchase. Users can pay set amounts of money for the mods. It should be noted that free mods will still be available, and mods from third-party sites can still be used on the Steam version of . Modders can still upload …

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  • SleepingIII

    ESO has announced console beta is starting at 10AM EDT, Thursday, April 23rd, through 10AM EDT, Monday, April 27th. This is a limited, closed public beta without any Non-disclosure Agreement. Some of those who signed up for the Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited console beta will receive invites on April 22nd.

    For more information, please click this link for the full announcement: The ESOTU Console Beta Starts Tomorrow!

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  • Timeoin


    April 19, 2015 by Timeoin

    For those of you that have been here a while - you'll know that every 10,000 edits I write a blog post - for no other reason than because I can, really.

    It seems like only yesterday that I was at 50,000 - but I went back and checked, and it was just over a year ago now.

    Wow - Now I feel really old. (Heck, this time last year I only had the one kid - that doesnt seem possible).

    Guess I should warn you - I usually get a bit rambly in these;) (Although probably not as much as usual)

    Its been a long year - both for the wiki, and also for myself. A year ago - we had just seen the release of Elder Scrolls Online.

    Now, we are still uploading content from that game - not just because there is new content all the time, but because we have fewer editors w…

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  • Bigdaddydik


    April 18, 2015 by Bigdaddydik

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  • Hazzle dazzle


    After the completion of the main story line the dragon born goes out to find and destroy all remaining dragons, but first decides to deal with the dragon priests like the one at skuldafn. You slay them all and take their powerful masks. Eventually you come upon a wooden mask at a shrine ad put it on in order to see its powers, but instead see the intact shrine. You pace all the masks on their appropriate buffs and wait. Suddenly the centre dragon statue opens, to reveal the last, hidden mask. But this mask has no priest you think, but then you realize this was meant for you... You check its engravings, Konahrik. you smile, “warlord”. You think back to the stories you heard about the dragon priests and how they were granted power b…

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  • SleepingIII

    Elder Scrolls Online has announced a Welcome Back Weeked for beta players. From Thursday, April 16th at 10:00 AM EDT through Monday, April 20th at 10:00 AM EDT, players who played in the ESO beta but never bought the game will be able to play Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited without buying the game. For more information, players can check their emails and start downloading ESO clients. And there will be events happening during Welcome Back Weekend so please keep an eye on ESO official site.

    What's more, some new items will be added into the Crown Store soon. These items include all crafting motifs, skill and attribute respec scrolls, Pledge of Mara and a limited edition svelte Senche-Leopard mount which will only be available for a limite…

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  • Rukathesoldier

    My Early Posts

    April 10, 2015 by Rukathesoldier

    So today I was a bit bored and a bit curious so I checked to see what my first posts were. What I saw was me roleplaying (badly) with no capital letters(pretty sure I got the commas right though). It was strange reading those posts now because it didn't seem like I was reading something I wrote. It looked like it had been someone else. So what about you? Take a look at your early posts and see how much you've changed and grown since you joined. 

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  • Azzan12
    • Sub Races

    The kajiits can be diffrent based on the day they are born.

    All based on the position of the 3 moons.

    Of course they can not have us being small house cats or giant mammoth.

    But it would be cool to be able to be a bit bulkier or a bit swifter.

    This would take more work though becuase they would have to remodel every armor three times.

    Every sub race should have changed skills than the normal race.

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  • Azzan12
    • No co-op

    I think co-op would ruin the experianc we all know. Most people love the series for the fun of being the hero.

    One of ESO's faults was saying you were the hero. Even though you could see a thousand other heros all doing what your doing.

    • New location

    I am not really worried about this one becuase every Elder Scrolls game has been a diffrent location.

    But would anyone really have fun walking through skyrim when you have played Skyrim for 4 years.

    • More armor choices

    In Oblivion you were able to wear Greaves.

    In Skyrim this was taken away. I think they should add on to it.

    Including Shoulder pads, Greaves, Shoes, Gloves, Helmets, Shirts,

    • Customizable Shields

    I thought it would be cool to purchase paints/skins for your Shields.

    This will most like…

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  • Wallac

    So, it would appear that the Nord dead are less dead than those back in Wayrest. Nor the spiders posess a sense of proportion. Really I should have known better than to trust a Wizard to give out a simple task, I mean I am a Breton, I should've known better. I had heard tell of the giant spiders of Skyrim, met some in my escape from Helgen, but one of them was simply beyond reasonable size. And then there were the Draugr, as I am informed they are known. Once again, I'm a Breton magic is in our blood, I am familiar with necromancy and this bore none of the signs of traditional necromancy. The remains of those Nords who rose, and it was not all, did not disintergrate upon defeat. In hindsight these details indicate that the Dragur where not …

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  • Emperor Maximus

    Maximus the Great here! Some of you might know me from doing Daggerfall work, some of you might know me for other things. Anyway, I decided that I should put to use all of those skills I learned from my time at school on essay-writing, and write lore-based essays on The Elder Scrolls (it's more interesting that you might think). So, my first blog is on the Civil War. Now, this is one of the most controversial subjects of the entire TES series, and a lot of people still get divided by it, despite it being 3-and-a-half years since Skyrim came out.

    This blog will (I hope) not just focus on why one faction is the best, and it won't linger too long on gameplay of the war (which was somewhat dull). It will instead look at the factions, leaders, i…

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  • Emperor Jarjarkine

    Hey hey there ! So since few people asked me to do it, and that it's Easter Week-End, i shall do something very special. From the great You know what really grinds my Wabbajack ? serie, Madman and Dave !

    The Elder Scrolls Wikia: Hey there Madman! How are you doing ?

    • Madman97: I am doing fantastic, Jar Jar. And guess who I brought with me?
    • Dave': Hello. It's been a while.

    The Elder Scrolls Wikia: what is your global point of view of the wikia's situation ?

    • Madman97: Really, I think the situation has improved over the months and we are not in as dire straits as we were recently. With a wonderful new Admin who actually follows the advice of the community, I think we are really getting back on track.Dave?
    • Dave: That's kind of a tough question, becaus…
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  • Zippertrain85

    Sysop blog.

    April 1, 2015 by Zippertrain85

    [This is satire and not for the current Administrators]

    So today is actually a year ago from the legendary Jimeee Consensus where the Admins/Patrollers/Users with brilliant logic and reasoning opposed my completely unreasonable demands of equal accountability, Admins not abusing their powers, and all that confusing nonsense. I also sometime later lost my Forum Moderator status, and I just wanted to explain why the actions at this time were completely justified and actually great for the community as a whole.

    First thing, Democracy in a wiki is overrated! Who wants to be given the choice of how boring site policies should be directed? Not me, I want to Roleplay! The Admins were doing us a great thing by giving us no influence or voice over ho…

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  • Cosmicsilver

    Hiya. I'm sure most of you don't know me, or maybe you've seen me around the chat or on the mainspace a couple times, but I'm not really an active contributor here in any regard. And there are a few reasons for that, which is actually the reason I'm posting this blog. I want you guys as a collective community to know why I personally have avoided joining this Wiki for real for the last year and a half that I've been here.

    I want you to know that this isn't my way of trying to criticize this Wiki or any of you, this is an honest assessment I've put together from the time I've spent here, observing everything that happens. It's my opinion and nothing more. I hope you guys find this helpful in some regard and don't take any offense to what I s…

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  • Emperor Jarjarkine

    Hey there ! Welcome to my first interview as a News Team member ! I'm really honored and really glad that people believed in me. So, i shal continue to do my interviews ! Speaking of interviews, sorry for the delay. I know i know, i was supposed to do the interview yesterday but, i was pretty busy IRL so, i hope you'll like this interview ! Enjoy !

    So today, our guest shall be one of the TES Wikia Patroller. He's a great editor and, a really nice person ! You might have seen his yellow name in the RC once, if you still dont know who i'm talking about or, if you didn't read the title of the interview, wich would be quite strange, There he is ! The Rim of the Sky

    The Elder Scrolls Wikia What was your first reaction when you discovered you were…

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  • Mini Dwarf
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  • Zippertrain85

    Civil War Theory

    March 18, 2015 by Zippertrain85

    This got posted a while back, and never really took off so why not do it again here!

    the other day, I spent time thinking of Skyrim politics, and it sort of sparked some ideas on how the Korean War (North Korea - South Korea.) had a lot of similarities to the Imperial-Stormcloak Civil War

    The Korean war started based off of the newly gained independence of Korea from the Japanese after their defeat in the Second World War. In turn, the nation got divided between a very Nationalistic Progressive north, and a more Western influenced Capitalist south. The north got lead by Kim Il-Sung and the south by Syngman Rhee. Eventually, the US got involved after the two Koreas got into conflict, on SK's side, because the North was both Communist and back…

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  • The Rim of the Sky

    Following the release of the game's sixth update just a few days ago, The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited has now been released. Keep in mind that this is not a new standalone game or DLC, it is just a re-branded version of The Elder Scrolls Online in celebration of the game's removal of the mandatory subscription model.

    Speaking of the subscription model, as opposed to in the last 11 months for the game's release where you've had to pay $15 a month to play, today marks the first day in which this is no longer required. Of course, you'll still have to pay the regular $60 fee (or occasionally $20 during a sale) to get the game. If you currently have the game, you can log in right now without a subscription and play as long as you want…

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