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Blood Dragons are dragons found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. They are a unique breed with horizontal slit pupils, a crest on their head, a sail that goes along their back, and a leaf-shaped flap at the end of their tail.

They become common at level 20, starting to occur around level 18, although on rare occasions as low as level 1.


Blood Dragons look radically different from the default Brown Dragon. They are green in appearance, and are slightly larger in mass, with a more intimidating body design. On their back they have a small sail, and their tails, instead of the regular spade shape, have a broad leaf-like design much like that of the sail on their spine, ending in a sharp tip.

The Blood Dragons also have a unique skull formation, being more rounded before pointing off at the jaw. They have a frill on the back of their skulls, and their eyes—unlike those of the other dragons—have pupils which run horizontally rather than vertically, producing a more unsettling appearance.


Blood dragons follow their targets, even circling around cities when they've been entered. The only way to escape a blood dragon, other than hiding in a cave, is to lead it to a small village or camp and flee as it attacks the village. Only on rare occasions will blood dragons not follow their target into a city.


Blood dragons use finishing moves when the health of their target is low. This animation depicts them eating the upper torso of the target. A blood dragon can use both fire and frost breath attacks.




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  •  PC   360   PS3   NX   Sometimes, a blood dragon's texture will not load properly until it is killed.
  • As with other types of dragon, a blood dragon may give no soul when killed (when this happens, the dragon's body is not turned into a skeleton).


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