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Blood and the Crescent Moon is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Guards will comment about a dog, which, if spoken to, will lead the Vestige to the dog's former owner's deceased body. This quest involves speaking to three merchants, listed on the Daggerfall Market Shopping List, in order to solve the mystery.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Follow Giblets to the body of Roy.
  2. Read the Daggerfall Market Shopping List.
  3. Speak to Diane Guissant in the market.
  4. Speak with Cristoph Lamont in the market.
  5. Speak to Kareem Winvale in his shop.
  6. Speak with Captain Aresin near Daggerfall Castle.
  7. Speak with Grenna gra-Kush in the inn.
  8. Confront Stephen Leveque on the second level of the inn.
  9. Return to Grenna, and speak with her again.
  10. Travel to Lerineaux Manor.
  11. Find clues about the plot.
  12. Kill Martine Lerineaux.
  13. Read the Note to Martine.
  14. Return to Captain Aresin.
  15. Complete the quest.


When first entering Daggerfall, guards and citizens will comment about a dog. Alternatively the dog Giblets will find the Vestige. After speaking with the dog, follow Giblets to the location of a deceased character named Roy. Read the Daggerfall Market Shopping List to learn that three merchants need to be spoken with.

The three merchants are Cristoph Lamont, Diane Guissant, and Kareem Winvale. Speak with the three merchants to learn what they know about the murder. The third merchant discussed will direct the Vestige to Captain Aresin.

After locating and speaking with Captain Aresin, he will mention Grenna gra-Kush, and she should be spoken with to get more information. Find and locate Grenna inside the inn, to learn what she knows about the murder. She will mention Stephen Leveque on the second level of the inn. Grenna suggests, to go and confront him to learn what he knows, but not to kill him, they might need him later. After confronting Stephen, he will mention Martine Lerineaux, who resides in Lerineaux Manor. Travel there to unravel the plot behind the murder.

Once reaching the Manor, there will be Bloodthorn Assassins located within. Head up to the second level, and down a hallway to find clues. Martine Lerineaux will be outside his bedroom, and will be hostile on sight. After defeating him, inside the bedroom will be a note that once read, it's discovered that they plan to assassinate King Casimir by sneaking in agents through the docks to get close to him.

Return to the Captain to inform him of the revelations, which he will thank the Vestige, which completes the quest.