Blood of the ancients

The Blood of the Ancients is an ability in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard.


This ability can only be obtained by joining Harkon and becoming a Vampire Lord. It can be gained upon completion of The Bloodstone Chalice. Once the chalice has been returned to Castle Volkihar, it will sit in the small room to the side of the main hall. Activating the chalice will grant the ability for one day.


It augments the Vampiric Drain destruction spell outside of Vampire Lord form to absorb stamina and magicka as well as health for one day.

The number of days the ability lasts can be increased to a maximum of 11 days by completing five instances of the side quest Ancient Power. This quest requires locating petrified vampire bodyparts and infusing the remains' lingering magical essence into the Bloodstone Chalice.

Bodyparts Duration
Default 1 day
1 3 days
2 5 days
3 7 days
4 9 days
5 11 days (maximum)


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