Blood of the Daedra is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.


As Martin Septim is analyzing the Mysterium Xarxes for clues on how to open a portal to Mankar Camoran's Paradise to retrieve the Amulet of Kings, he discovers that four items are needed for the ritual.  One of these is a Daedric Artifact. However, it will be destroyed in the process.


The Hero must recover a Daedric Artifact to be used in opening the portal to Paradise. When an artifact has been found, head over to the Cloud Ruler Temple and give it to Martin.

Recommended Daedric ArtifactsEdit

The following artifacts are recommended as items to be sacrificed, because they have no unique effects or little practical benefit:

Alternate recommended Daedric ArtifactsEdit

If the Hero desperately wanted to keep all of the Daedric Artifacts they would need to cheat to do so, then Azura's Star, the Ring of Khajiiti, the Ring of Namira, and the Wabbajack are the only four Daedric Artifacts that can be duplicated via the infamous scroll duplication glitch.

Martin's comments on the Daedric ArtifactsEdit

Artifact Martin's comment
Azura's Star "Ah, Azura's Star .. as beautiful as all the tales tell."
Ebony Blade "I wonder if Mephala herself knows how many lives this foul blade has taken over the years? I will be glad to give the world a respite from it."
Goldbrand "This blade has slain many a hero over the years. Tamriel will be better off without it for a while."
Mace of Molag Bal "A fearsome weapon and stepped in ancient evil of its master. May its deadly power turn good for once."
Masque of Clavicus Vile "Ah, the Masque of Clavicus Vile. You are wise not to let yourself get further enmeshed in his plots."
Oghma Infinium "Not many could resist the temptation of the Oghma Infinium. Now it is my turn to be put to the test."
Ring of Khajiiti "Thieves everywhere will curse us both for the loss of this ring, my friend. So be it."
Ring of Namira "I'll sleep better once this keepsake of Namira is gone from my possession. A good choice for our purpose though."
Sanguine Rose "I never thought to see this again. I once possessed it, briefly... a lifetime ago, it seems now... To obtain it and give it up... I honor your dedication to our cause."
Savior's Hide "There is no disguising the bestial nature of some of the Daedric Princes."
Skeleton Key "The merchants of Cyrodiil would sleep more soundly, knowing this key is gone from the world. But why tell them?"
Skull of Corruption "The world will be better off with this foul thing gone from it."
Spell Breaker "Not many people would give up Spellbreaker for destruction, my friend. Your sacrifice honors me."
Volendrung "Who now knows the tale of how this Dwemer hammer came to embody the power of one of their bitter foes?"
Wabbajack "Good riddance to this tool of mischief."


Blood of the Daedra – MQ08
IDJournal Entry
9The book "Modern Heretics" describes the location of the Shrine of Azura. Perhaps if I visit this Shrine I can learn how to obtain a Daedric Artifact.
10Martin has found a section of the Mysterium Xarxes which describes a ritual which will allow him to open a portal to Camoran's Paradise, where Mankar Camoran has taken the Amulet of Kings. He has learned that four items are required for this ritual, but has only identifed one so far: 'the blood of a Daedra Lord', which he says refers to a Daedric Artifact.
I need to locate a Daedric Artifact and bring it back to Martin at Cloud Ruler Temple.
15I should read "Modern Heretics" for information about how to locate a daedric artifact.
20I have a Daedric Artifact, which Martin needs for the ritual to open a portal to Camoran's Paradise. I should bring it to him at Cloud Ruler Temple.
30I gave Martin the Daedric Artifact he needed for the Mysterium Xarxes ritual.
100(Achievement for consoles.)
  • Quest complete


  • The artifact will be permanently destroyed, and cannot be re-obtained through legitimate means. Care should be taken not to give away anything one will want to use later.
  • Mehrunes' Razor, although a Daedric artifact, cannot be turned in for this quest, likely due to its plug-in nature.
  • Because most of the eligible artifacts appear in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it can be presumed that either the items were never truly destroyed by the ritual, that the canonical artifact destroyed was the Ring of Khajiiti, or Goldbrand, or that in 'destroying' the artifact, it was actually simply returned to its respective master, which could help explain why the majority of eligible artifacts returned in Skyrim.
    • Though Goldbrand was never physically seen in Skyrim, it was mentioned in the book The Great War to have been used by Titus Mede II, after the Oblivion Crisis, during his takeover of the Imperial City, but this cannot be fully considered true as it was stated to only be rumored.
  •  PC   360   PS3   If a duplication glitch is used on Azura's Star, Ring of Khajiiti, Namira's Ring, Spell Breaker, or Wabbajack, Martin will accept the duplicate and the original artifact can be kept.

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