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A Blooded Vampire is a type of leveled vampiric enemy. It is met at all levels, but more commonly at lower levels because it is a weaker class of vampire.

Like most mages or Necromancers almost all of the Blooded vampires are either Breton or High or Dark Elves, making them strong in magicka damage, but somewhat weak in their physical attacks.

Blooded Vampires use the standard vampire attacks; predominantly drain life to regenerate their own health and reanimate corpse, but they will also wield daggers or other one handed weapons for close combat. Once looted, they will contain loot like iron daggers and black robes. These clothing items sell for a decent amount of septims. Most blooded vampires found in Skyrim are female. All vampires are classed as Conjurers.


Blooded Vampires, along with other vampires (types vary upon level) in these locations in Skyrim:

Three Blooded Vampires found within Fellglow Keep Dungeons can be freed by pulling the levers found inside the same room. Once released, the Blooded Vampires will attack all of the nearby mages in the next few rooms.

Sometimes, non-hostile blooded vampires can be found wandering the plains of Skyrim, more often than not at night and in pairs. These vampires have a similar dialogue to the one's in Fellglow Keep Dungeons, calling you 'prey' or 'meat'. However, most of the time, these blooded vampires will attack if provoked.

Typical item drops

On most occasions, dead Blooded Vampires will drop:

  • A leveled amount of gold.
  • Clothing - often boots.
  • 1 Vampire Dust
  • Black Mage Robes
  • An sword and/or dagger.

At higher levels, Blooded Vampires may drop:


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