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The Bloodskal Clan is an old tribe of Solstheim who were active during the Merethic Era. They are the creators of Bloodskal Barrow, a Nordic burial site connected to shaft three of Raven Rock Mine. The clan were seemingly advanced in areas such as puzzles and weaponry as encountered in the quest The Final Descent.


The Bloodskal Clan were an advanced tribe of Solstheim during the Merethic Era. They were seemingly wealthy for a Nordic tribe possessing the materials and knowledge to create an advanced door puzzle that even the renowned explorer Gratian Caerellius, as well as his assistant, could't even decipher, and an enchanted unique great sword. The reason for their downfall is unknown.


Notable items/contraptionsEdit

  • The door puzzle, involving moving the Bloodskal Blade in different directions to unlock the door
  • The Bloodskal Blade, a unique named great sword which can fire a heavily damaging projectile at a target


  • The dragon priest Zahkriisos, found in the last major chamber of Bloodskal Barrow, is rumored to be a former member of this clan, however this is pure speculation
  • The word wall found in Bloodskal Barrow can be translated to "here once stood Miraak who (unknown) his (unknown) as armor shield by (unknown) for his eternal loyalty" which could be interpreted as Miraak or Zahkriisos being rewarded for their eternal loyalty


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