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BlueDev's Ring of Viewing

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Golden Touch (Achievement) BlueDev's Ring of Viewing
Ring of the Hortator - Morrowind
Weight 0.1 WeightIcon
Value 240 GoldIcon
Additional Effects Viewing Werewolf cutscenes
Type Ring
FormID bm_ring_view
Main article: Jewelry (Morrowind)

BlueDev's Ring of Viewing is a unique jewelry item in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon. It is a variant of the Exquisite Ring. The BlueDev ring will only appear once Bloodmoon's main quest is completed.


Once equipped, this unusual ring will open a menu:

Which movie would you like to view?
Long Werewolf
Totem 1
Totem 2
Bear Hunt 1
Bear Hunt 2
Karstaag 1
Karstaag 2
Wild Hunt

Activating one of them will start the corresponding cutscene from Bloodmoon.



The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon

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